It's Official: I am Evelyne Shopping NOW

  1. Ok, I am taking the plunge. The leap. To the dark side. Where there is champagne and chocolate and all things lovely and orange.

    I have decided on an Evelyne. I love the bolide, plume, and kelly. And VINTAGE!! But I really crave a lovely new fresh Evelyne in an orange box!

    After much deliberation, I have decided that this bag is the one bag I am comfortable buying over the phone, as going to H means a plane ride... The rest I really would have to try and try on again and again....

    I also believe the Evelyne2 in PM will suite my very casual lifestyle, and be a bag I can use when I am less casual, which in my case is only when I travel to California or Europe. Even then, I have a DD in tow and am usually doing something horsey or sporty and certainly casual...

    I love the outside pocket. I love the wide strap. I love the equestrian heritage. I am smitten

    Thanks to all who posted on the Evelyne thread. You are the sweetest, kindest enablers a gal could want.

    wish me I go....
    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. Good luck!! I can't wait to hear how it goes!!!
  3. Good luck!

    Post pics. And updates.

  4. Good luck! Post photos!
  5. good luck on the search.. and same here, i want an evelyne too.... in orange or potiron...
  6. The Evelyne is wonderful! What color are you after?
  7. You don't need any luck because you know exactly what you want! That is the hardest part of it all.

    Please post pics when you get it in your hands.
  8. OH! Exciting! Can't wait for pics!!
  9. Congrats and Welcome to the Dark Side! Let us know how you're doing! Evelynes are wonderful!
  10. :party: I am so excited for you!!!! :nuts: Congrats!!!
  11. I am really open as far as colors, as long as they are "neutral-ish."

    I am on hold right now!!!

    ...but having some trouble seeing if I can do it by phone.... Apparently they dont do that for new customers, that will make things a little harder.

  12. ^^^GOOD LUCK, LOVE THE "EVELYNE" .....Crossing fingers for you to get thru!!:yahoo:
  13. OK, here is the update.

    I have an SA!!!
    This is so exciting!
    :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    She is very sweet and I really look forward to working with her on this, and hopefully other projects.

    Thanks to tPFer allaboutbags's recommendation, I feel like I have both feet fully in the door and a helpful partner for my first H leather purchase.

    SA has Evelyn 2 PM in chartreuse clemence, and GM size in cognac epsom and clemence BJ.

    I really wanted the PM, and am going to try to stick with this for now, the GM just feels a tiny tad too big.

    The vert chartreuse isnt what I am looking for for this particular first bag, as I was going for a darker neutral, like raisin, noisette, havane, ebene, anthracite....or maybe a lighter grey or GOLD.....

    She is also looking "in the back" and at the other store, and I am to fax my particulars for my "file."

    YAY, I have a file.:yes:

    The only glitch is the phone order part. They dont take CC for that, I may have to send a cashiers check. She is checking on it, and of course this part may be down the road apiece. Any thoughts??

    I will keep you posted.
  14. ^ They might take American Express.
    Once you're an established customer, they will take Visa (or ast least my store does.)

    I really recommend gold clemence!
  15. I am looking for an evelyn pm2 in clemence chocolate. Or I should say, my sa is. I left it up to him and hopefully I will get one before the price increase in Feb. I think this is a perfect intro to Hermes and be patient to get what you are wishing for. Good luck with your quest and welcome.