It's official...first LV purchase (ordered)

  1. I still have not picked out a bag, but I just ordered the Reykjavic scarf/muffler as a V-day present for myself in the grey/cream combo. Hopefully it will arrive next week! :nuts:
    LV Scarf.jpg LV Reykjavik.jpg
  2. Congrats!!! That's a gorgeous scarf!
  3. Excellent.. welcome to the dark side. :graucho: :borg:
  4. Sweet scarf! Happy Valentines!
  5. wow
    great first purchase!! CONGRATS!!!
  6. I love that scarf, congratulations!
  7. awesome, congrats!
  8. great purchase! congrats. welcome to your new addiction.
  9. Gorgeous! Do post pics when u get them! :biggrin:
  10. congrats! its lovely!
  11. congrats on your first lv! it sure is a unique first piece, great taste:yes: please don't forget to share model pix w/us :flowers:
  12. very pretty! congrats!
  13. It's lovely...Congrats!
  14. The grey is a georgeous color. Congratulations & take some modeled pics for us :smile:
  15. Congrats! I totally love that scarf!