It's Offical Jan 23 Price Increase

  1. Was at my favorite LV store today. Sales manager and assistant came out to greet me, speaking to them about rumored price increase and told me they had the offical word that the increase is effective Jan 23 and it is 5%. Will not effect new products, hearts cosmetics cases, those where priced with the increase before being released.:tdown:
  2. Argh... I wonder if we will be seeing the same increase in Canada? I am due to call LV, maybe I will check that out tomorrow!
    Thanks for the info!
  3. all products or just some? Thanks for sharing the infor.
  4. sparklemint, please update us if you find out!!
  5. oh no - keep us posted :sad:
  6. Sorry did not ask about shoes or clothing..... handbags, wallets, luggage, charms, etc are included in price increase. They were doing back stock to be ready for increase next week
  7. I heard from my friend that there's an increase on shoes as well.
  8. I just asked my SA yesterday and she said that she hadn't heard of any price increase yet here in SoCal. Grrrr! I hate these price increases!
  9. Oh no... to buy or not to buy? So many things that I want. =(
  10. yikes 5%.

    i've been liking lv for about 3yrs, the time that i've been in college and i've slowly noticed different prices in items, but it just hit me the other day. i remember when a speedy mc 30 was $1700something i believe, now it's like whoaaa, $2000
  11. Thanks for the heads up, newcitylady! I'm not lusting for anything at the moment but I'm sure I'll prolly find one I just can't live without AFTER the increase happens...ha ha.
  12. Thanks newcitylady for updating us!!!
  13. Thanks for the update. I'm in a rush to get some things before the increase but my store is out of stock
  14. ohh no.
  15. I hate these increases!!!