It's Nov. 1 - What did you get today?

  1. I'm waiting very impatiently for my SA to call and tell me that my WLd items are here. In the meantime, I'd like to live vicariously through you. What'd ya get!?

    BTW, the Thunder is on my list and I found out yesterday it's like 20 inches long. If I'm 5'1.5" and 95lbs, you know it's going to look like I'm hauling around a piece of luggage. I'm hoping that's not really the length.
  2. I came on here just for this post!!!

    Thanks restricter...cannot WAIT to see what everyone got!

  3. I've looked on the website and can't find anything new. No tivoli or anything.
  4. No, they're never very good with updating the website properly and on time. The charm that looks like a globe, I think it's called bijoux or something, is on the UK LV website though.
  5. I'm excited to see everyones purchases!
  6. Looks like I'm getting nothing today. My SA is off, 2 of 3 items are not entered into the system yet and apparently, there's only 1 red marina pm in the system now -- which means none of us are getting it.
  7. :girlsigh: Wish I could get something but on a ban for now.
  8. I waiting too for my SA to call so that I can see the Marina PM IRL and decide whether to get it or not. She told me the other day that they have the Speedies, Marina GM and the ronds. Can't get the rond if I'm not getting the Marina PM. So anxious right now.
  9. Can't wait to see what everyone else gets!!!!
  10. can't wait to see what everyone picks up! i too am waiting for a call from my sa......
  11. i am so sad.:crybaby:
  12. I'm not getting anything for a good long while....spent too much on Chanel bag trying to beat their price increase :crybaby:

    But I am psyched to see everyone's new purchases here :jammin:
  13. not getting anything since i won't be able to get to LV til next week. i've been bummed by the latest releases, but am hoping that tivoli will wow me when i see it.
  14. WL for tivoli
  15. i guess i could have bought *new* item for the season.......

    but my brand new Manhattan GM arrived today via Fedex! yay~!