It's not you... it's me....

  1. The long shoulder strap on both my Twiggy and City WILL NOT stay put on my shoulder!!:yucky: Is it just me?? I don't have a slopey (sp?) shoulder, so what's going on??

    Most of the time I carry the twiggy/city on the crook of my arm but today while we were paying for the XBox360, my little girl wasn't feeling well, so I carried her (with her resting her head on my shoulder) till we get to the car. I couldn't remember how many times the silly shoulder strap kept sliding off my shoulder!!:rant::censor: This is probably the first time I "scolded" my bbag!

    Anyone has this silly problem~??:sick:
  2. Hehe I"m the same.. but I think I have really slopey shoulders!

    So when I carry my city with the strap, I kinda throw the bag behind my back so that the strap sits better on the shoulder. Or I just put the strap across my chest (like a satchel/messenger) :smile:

    I usually carry my City bags with the handles on my shoulder though - it looks nicest that way and easiest to stay on my shoulder, IMHO!
  3. hey Soleil
    i have the same probably with my Black City... the shoulder strap is always sliding off!!! i generally hold it now or wear it in the crook of my arm, depending on how heavy it is... But my twiggy on the other hand is totally WONDERFUL - it just sits on my shoulder with NO problem at all!!! Unfortunately, i dont know what do about my City, hopefully someone on here will come up with a great idea to fix the shoulder strap problem!
    AND, i hope your little girl is feeling better!!!
  4. i never had that problem, but maybe because i have quite straight shoulders, i swim a lot :P
  5. I have this problem too... but I dont have slopey shoulders (or I dont think I do at least). I've often thought about going medevil on the shoulder strap and cutting off the strap protector thingy (but leaving the strap alone), but I'm wayy to chicken to do that! I couldnt for fear I might not like it afterwards. I wish there was a sliding on and off option for it though... the protector looks like something on my luggage, and its kinda big and shiny, so its slippery. I think thats the problem. *sigh* So I've mostly been carrying it in the crook of my arm.
  6. you can slide the protector down though if that's the problem.. please don't cut it, i beg you :crybaby:
  7. it's because the strap is smooth leather, of course it will slide off. they should have made the strap a little more rubbery or something that would stick better to clothing and such but of course that would probably ruin the look of the bag. or maybe not! i never use the strap because of this problem. however the purse style is probably the most functional b bag i've ever had.

    that is i'll let u know when i get a day hobo. haha!
  8. hahaha... I wont cut it. just recurring (but passing) insanity. :lol:
  9. The strap on my First always slide off too!! :rant: And I thought it was just me. :lol:
  10. jeez mocean, u almost got me a heart attack :P

    i also wonder why they don't make the strap like the old flat brass classique's strap... it's perfect, i never had a problem with sliding in that
  11. sorry sweetie! I think about it often though... :angel: i guess I could just push it into the back... I just wish that the little slots that the strap goes through were just an eeensy, weeensy bit wider, so I could slip the protector thingy off. It wouldnt be a big deal then, If I sold the bag, I could just slip it back on. That'd be a nice improvement!
  12. The strap always fall for me, too, and the only remedy that I've found to work is to slide the strap protector a little forward, just as sea says...
  13. I don't have a problem with the shoulder strap. That's how I use it when I don't have it in the crook of my arm.
  14. whoa... :nuts:... I am not alone in this sliding-universe!!:supacool::upsidedown: Yay!:yahoo::P so I am or the bag is not abnormal;)
  15. ...and also... THANK YOU ALL:heart::heart::flowers:
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