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  1. but i like this pic (carolyn's birkin on the ground - getty images). i did not put this in the socialite's thread because i thought the bag on the ground might generate an interesting discussion that applies to hermes, luxury, attitudes. it's more than just a pic of a rich woman with an expensive bag.
    carolyn's birkin on the ground - getty images.jpg
  2. I love the pic. A comfortable, happy, chic lady having her coffee chatting with her pal.
  3. Great photo HH; I really think Hermes would approve. Here is a woman who wears her H-bag and not vice versa.

    One of my favorite observations in Paris was that the H-bags seemed such an natural extension of its owners, with neutral-colored Kellys swinging from the shoulders, flap on the the turnkey, straps loose, and the bags looked like they had been used for a long time. When I mentioned this to the SA, he nodded in approval, stating that these bags are meant to be *used.*

    It was obvious who the non-locals were because there just wasn't the same effect when they had their H-bags and the bags also had a bit more flash and "newness" to it....more reverence than usage which sometimes I'm guilty of. Still finding the right moment to dive in and make my black box Kelly my own, but I do find this photo of CBK highly inspiring!
  4. I agree, ORCHIDS. I think that might be partly why I love these vintage bags....they already have that lived in look! LOL!!!!

    I seem to pamper my Rouge H Box Birkin but fling my Black Clemence Birkin around like there's no tomorrow.....:shrugs:
  5. I love the look of bags that look well loved.
  6. I agree. I'm much like you Orchids, in that I am over- respectful of my bags. I've learned more lately how enjoyable it is to use them.
  7. Great point you make, HH! Personally, one of the most cheerful moments of every day for me is picking which handbag I'm going to use for the day in the morning before I go out. It's such a happy task! I do try to be more careful with certain ones, but they're all a big part of my "look." I feel very fortunate that I have many to choose from.
  8. ^^^Another FABULOUS picture HH!! Thanks:yes: (2-thumbs up!)

    I'm GUILTY of over-pampering my bags more than the kids:P
  9. LOVE this pic of CBK!:love: Thanks for posting, HH.

    IMO, there is nothing worst than spending a fortune on a bag (or any other luxury item) and NOT being able to enoy it. What was the point of buying it then?
  10. I feel that is why I only want a small love them and use them all. I wouldn't want to be overwhelmed.
  11. This is why I am glad that Hermes has the spa alternative for bags that truly get used!
  12. Totally agree Sus.
  13. I :heart::heart::heart: this! Thank you so very much for posting this, HiHeels! :flowers:

  14. I love this pic too.....makes me want to take my black Birkin out and about today.

    In fact, I WILL!!!!!
  15. Another great thread HH! These bags are made incredibly well and they're meant to be used and enjoyed.