It's not easy finding green...

  1. I am in need of a new green satchel. My old DKNY has really had it as I carried that thing on the daily. I can't find one that I like. There's a used satchel on eBay but I don't think the straps are long enough for shoulder use. Why oh Why didn't coach have a bright green bag like the hamptons pebbled satchel I just got? Would that be too much to ask. They made those legacy satchels in special colors but that satchel doesn't really appeal to me in the pebbled leather. The geranium bag looks like the leather probably should have been reinforced so it would have a maintained structured look. Anyway, do you ladies have any ideas on a great green leather satchel? A bright spring green would be awesome!
  2. Hamptons Satchel in green pebbled leather. starts at $74 with 4 days to go
  3. I hope you find one! I haven't seen any pretty spring greens lately :sad:
  4. I'm sorry you are having troubles finding what you need.
    I had this dilemma a few weeks bag, I ended up opting for the nylon hamptons weekend green tote. The color is awesome and is that bright grass that you described. Could you do nylon?
  5. ^^That's what I was about to ask!
  6. I keep looking at the nylon but I know I won't like it in the end.

    I just looked that those auctions and I do kinda like that back. Too bad both of them are used.
  7. Cole Haan and Kate Spade both had some pretty grass green bags this season.