It's not easy choosing an Easy

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  1. So, I've been searching the threads on the Easy bag and drooling over the colors and sizes.

    For those of you that have this bag, can you tell me how the leather is holding up? I thought I had seen a pic of someone's bag with the leather torn on the bottom but can't find it now. I'm not the easiest on my bags and don't want to feel like I have to baby it too much.

    Are you still enjoying the style of the bag? Thanks.
  2. I can relate! They're all so gorgeous! I have the bronze volcano leather but I haven't used it yet, so I can't tell you how it's holding up. I'm already considering the beige skin in patent too!
  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the easy bag! I used to love the Muse, but now that the easy bag came out, it's my new favorite style.

    I too have the bronze volcano leather easy bag and have used it a lot. I definately don't baby the bag so I think it's holding up great.

    Good luck with picking what color you want - it's a tough decision!!
  4. Personally I prefer the patent Easys that are coming out for spring more than the pebbled/bubbly leather Easys from last fall. The patent just seems more dressy and chic, while the pebbled/bubbly leather seems more casual. Depends on what look you are after.

    I also think that the patent would be more durable and carefree. My black Besace is made of the pebbled/bubbly leather and it is very very soft. I question how strong it will be over time, frankly.


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    But your pebbled leather besace is SOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful *dreams of owning one someday*
  6. this is the one i'm leaning towards -- i missed the opportunity to get it at a good price, so now i'm waiting.
  7. I love the pebbled leather but I'm worried about durability too. I'm not a lover of the patent.:sad:
  8. The one I have my eye on is the pleated/gathered/ruched Y black leather one on Luisaviaroma. It's so pricey though, so I am concerned about its durability as well.
  9. ^Don't worry, the Easy is very popular and I think YSL is going to release it in lots of different leather treatments this year. :tup: Just hang tight.

    Here are some other versions that are posted in the new spring styles thread and the Reference Library. (Details in Reference Library):




    Plus net-a-porter has this sequins/perforated(?) version that will be offered when it begins selling YSL bags:

  10. I have the Easy in the black textured leather and I love it. The leather is fabulous and gets even better with use. I prefer it over the patent because I think it's more timeless. I'm now considering the Navy pretty. I highly recommend this style of YSL :love:
  11. I have the Easy in the volcanic bronze. I use it everyday, stuff it full of things for the day and it is holding up nicely. My next purchase would be either the black patent or bubbled leather. The patent is gorgeous and would be great in Paris, where I live, since it rains alot during the year. I agree that the black or grey bubble leather would be super timeless and fabulous as well. Hmmm, so many choices!!!
  12. For me, the Easy in buffalo or deerskin would be perfection! As far as I know, they haven't made the Easy in either of these 2 leathers yet.
  13. Does the patent Easy only come in black and beige?
  14. I love the Easy! I am eyeing one in patent.

    Yesterday, I was out to brunch with a friend at Clyde's in Chevy Chase and saw an older woman carrying what looked to be the small Easy in pebbled leather. She was very distinguished looking (very DC) and the bag looked fabulous on her! I couldn't stop staring....
  15. Oh...I miss DC...lived in Georgetown for 7 years, and I hate AZ (where I live now)...what I would give to be back at Clydes in G-town or Chevy Chase...

    So...I really like the patent YSL easy...and what a great price point at $995!!!