It's Not Easy Being Green...

Dec 19, 2009
:love: Greens are my favorite too. I don't have many swatch pictures, though, but here's what I've got:

Butter London Thames

Butter London Henley Regatta over BL Thames

GOSH Golden Dragon

KOH Jewel/Jade

Sally Hansen Insti-Dry Jumpin' Jade with Zoya Trixie
Jun 21, 2008
On an airplane...
I think I have only worn four greens this past decade :lol: and probably only own six. Honestly, I am not sure why because all of the greens I wore, I loved.

I will have to change that.

Here's the one I wore for green week. Chelsea Psycho Green

The other green I wore was Chanel Peridot which I absolutely loooooove!

Barielle A Bouquet For Ava (or Eva can't remember) This is greenish, right?

Nyx Tahiatian with Zoya South Beach over



Dec 11, 2009
Los Angeles
I think the Knas green franken is my favorite!

Here are a few of mine.

Lizard Belly

Julep - Emilie

School of Hard Rocks

Zoya - Dree

Zoya - Yara

Essie - Da Bush

OPI - Jade is the new black

OPI - Mermaid Tears

Milani - Dressmaker

Zoya - Shawn

Dior - Nirvana

Essie - Pretty Edgy

Essie - Sew Psyched
Love your swatches, Honey! Zoya Yara has been on my wishlist for while, but I'm especially loving Dree! I haven't wanted it before, but looking at your photo, it looks gorg! Essie Pretty Edgy looks great too - this is one I used to have, but it was entirely too yellow-y on me, but I love it on you!