It's Not Easy Being Green...Unless You're as Pretty As This

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  1. I am seriously lusting after this colour. I wish Coach would make more all-green leather purses. Even a shade or two darker than this would be beautiful.

  2. Oooohhhh, I love that! Not only the color, but also the style--so elegant and pretty!
  3. I saw that bag in the magenta (not sure it that's the actual color name) and it is a really cute bag w/ nice leather.
  4. That green is so nice! And I would carry that color every seaon!
  5. <----drooling
  6. I agree. I love bags in a deep forest green. So pretty. Seems like coach is branching out alittle in the color department. Maybe they will surprise us. Crossing fingers.
  7. That is a perfect green! Its so hard to find that true grass green- its usually leaning towards olive or lime.
  8. Well if you love green, coach is doing a lot of it. The new Madison Collection that will hit stores at the end of September will be featured in green patent. The Legacy Collection is offering a bottle green that will be in stores and online the 22nd.
  9. Careful!! The actual color is NOT like the swatch. I saw this bag IRL at a gallery store, and it's really more of a lighter english pea color. The swatch is a bit greener and darker. It's still a pretty color, but just not like the photo (as usual!).
  10. Oh my! What great timing (or not...for my wallet :P). I cannot wait to see the bottle green!

    * counts down the days *

  11. Baglady is right - that bag is not quite so vibrant IRL, but it sure is pretty!

    beautyinside, here are some pics of 53baglady's new bottle green Legacy satchel:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I have 2 green Coach bags - the green Madeline in my avatar, and the large Bleecker flap in bottle green from last year:


    I think this year's Legacy bottle green looks like more of an olive or army green, IMHO. :yes:

    I love green. :shame:
  12. I love green purses, but I have the hardest time finding just the right color of green. I would love a Sabrina in green leather (NOT patent), because I am just not in love with the shape and leather of the new legacy bags. Oh, well...

    Thanks for the info that the green Frances is lighter than it looks in the pic!
  13. Ohmygoodness! Thank you so much for the pictures! They're so pretty! :drool:

  14. ^^ How gorgeous!
  15. so true.