it's not a rolex but it sure is pretty! (long....i'm very excited!!!)


easily amused
Mar 11, 2006
merry christmas to me!

i originally had pretty diamond hoops under the tree. however once i opened them and put them on DH and i were very disappointed with the quality. every time i tucked my hair behind my ears they'd come unclasped. :tdown: so back they went....

and now a new watch for me! better still....i talked myself into a deal! i'd been eyeing this bulova since summer. i stalked it online and found it for around $350-375 at a few places (it used to be $220 on amazon back in october....but that's looooong gone) but i'm very instant gratification and don't like shopping online (too many ways things can go wrong). all the local B&Ms were pricing between $475 and $525.

it was christmas with the inlaws today. by the end of it i needed some serious retail therapy and hubby gave me the go ahead to get my new watch now instead of waiting for the return to process. i knew i wanted this style but i really didn't want to pay $475 for it. so i tried on a few others hoping i'd like them dice. the whole time the SA and i were chatting and having a good time. finally i told her i'd seen the bulova watch online in the $375 price range. although i really wanted to buy it tonight from her, i couldn't induldge $100 worth of instant gratification. so she went in the back, talked to someone AND MATCHED THE PRICE!!! :yahoo: (even though it's store policy not to...which is what she said at the beginning of our conversation when i asked if they did)

so. merry christmas to me! and thank you thank you thank you jewelry counter clerk at fred meyer! it's not the rolex with diamond markers of my dreams but it's close-ish stylewise and very fitting of my lifestyle. i :heart::heart::heart::heart: it. and my hubby! and the jewelry store clerk. :love:

oh. and sorry about the camera phone pictures. we're moving into OUR VERY OWN HOUSE.....i have no idea what box my camera cables are in.


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Feb 26, 2006
Congrats! Who cares if it's not Rolex? If it makes you happy, that's all that matters! Don't get me wrong; I have been dreaming of a Cellini Prince in Rose Gold, but that'll probably never happen. I got a TAG Aquaracer and I couldn't be happier. It's a very pretty watch, and getting a good deal only makes it more gratifying. Wear it in good health!


Sep 21, 2007
That's really pretty and a good deal too! I agree w/ everyone re: who cares if it is not a Rolex! I got a watch for Christmas that is part of the Bulova family- Wittnauer- and I'm really impressed with it. I think Bulova makes a nice watch w/ a good price point!


easily amused
Mar 11, 2006
hehe. i don't care if it's not a rolex either. actually a rolex on me really wouldn't fit and would be a little perposterous (i'm a 24 year old waitress who just bought a new house....i need a new kitchen before i get any high end jewelry! :smile:) it just seems like a lot of the watch threads feature higher end pieces. i would NEVER feel judged here for liking my bulova/citizen price point.....but most people just aren't showing them, you know?

anyway, i couldn't stop looking at my wrist today. i totally felt like i was clock watching at work, but really i just wanted to see it sparkle! :heart:

thanks for the compliments.


Superstar DJ
Sep 8, 2007
I wore watches that were'nt Rolexes too to start with,and I think you have the rest of your life to pick a Rolex,if thats the way you want to go eventually,if you don't,who cares!!!??? There are so many beautiful watches with great attributes out there and if one catches your eye and makes you go ooooooooooooooooo,then thats the one for you!! Name irrespective!!

Its a lovely watch honey!! Enjoy,and enjoy your individuality!!xxxxx