It's not a new purse.... but I do love it!

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  1. Ok, a lot of you know that I've been in a purse funk! Well, I found a ring that I fell in love with. Took some photos, not so sure if all the details show up. It's a Stephen Dweck ring. The stone is a faceted, domed smoky topaz. The ring is made of sterling silver and has an intricate "birdcage" and flowers. Under the stone, the silver is etched with a pattern so you can "see" the pattern through the stone. I LOVE big rings, so this one is perfect! So glad I at least found something while I wait for the next purse!
    DSCN0654.JPG DSCN0658.JPG DSCN0661.JPG
  2. that's lovely! if it were gold instead of silver, I might buy it for my mom (the only smoky topaz wearing lady I know)...but she's kind of a snob and won't wear sterling...haha.
    what a beautiful ring. I would wear it.
  3. Gorgeous ring! We purse bloggers must think alike--I also love Steven Dweck and bought a bracelet from his line just yesterday. It's sterling alternating with mother of pearl disks. I'm attaching a photo from Photo doesn't really do the bracelet justice but I can't photograph mine because it's all wrapped for Valentine's day. Enjoy your beautiful ring!
  4. Wow!!! Both of you ladies have grrrrreat taste!!! LOVE the ring.....LOVE the bracelet!!! I've never heard of Steven Dweck and I'm really into jewelry too! Have I been living under a rock?
  5. Nice ring! I like it a lot!
  6. I was wondering how that bracelet looked in person. I love his jewelry. They're always very intricate in design. I just don't like the brass metal that he uses since it can make your finger turn green!
  7. OOOOO pretty...loving the big gems look! So in right now too.
  8. Very pretty!
  9. valerieb and wickedassin, i love them!
  10. Wick and Valerie....thanks for sharing! Very nice pieces!
  11. very pretty!
  12. Stunning!!! Nice pick!
  13. Your ring is wonderful! I wish I didn't have short stubby fingers, rings bug me. =(
  14. Beatiful intricate design and the smoky topaz looks beautiful