It's not a new Birkin....but.....

  1. Introducing my Rouge Imperiale Garden Party MM ... if you're looking for a practical (and fun) bag, gang -- this baby's it! I love the fuschia lining, too!
    Red GP.jpg
  2. Very nice! Was this your pick me up?
  3. That is gorgeous!!!!! :yahoo: I love it! Congrats!!!!!!
  4. I LOVE the color! that bag is exquisite :nuts: :love: keep us posted how it wears, congratulations!
  5. Addicted -- you remembered! Yes, it was my little something in red following the beating the Red Sox took at the hands of the Yankees. Although after this past week, I may need to go back and get the red clic-clac bracelet!! :crybaby:
  6. Beautiful bag~~~ Congratulations!! Oh you need to post a family picture
  7. OK, Funny.....I think we need to ADD you to our on-going list of Hermes pruchases for this week!

    That's a beautiful bag! Congratulations!!!!!!
  8. Thanks, Avan and CB -- I already love it for work. Crammed with files and "stuff" and it carries really well!
  9. I think maybe I do need to do that, Kou -- I need to gather everyone in one place.
  10. Thanks, Shopmom! :yahoo:

  11. oh yay. you really know how to pick yourself up. :lol: you make a girl want to feel down!
  12. Love it!!! So fun!
  13. oh wonderful i really adore the rouge imperial garden partys :flowers:
  14. Oh, new bag is very pretty! Yes! Hermes family photo, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
  15. I keep coming back to look at it. I am home sick today and it is a pick me up to see that gorgeous red with pink lining!!! :love:
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