It's Nice...but I Won't Get It

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  1. I'm bored, so I wanted to make a new thread :biggrin:

    I didn't want to use the word never so I used the word(s) Won't instead.

    Anyway, I was thinking, what MJ bags you think are nice (or even not nice) but you'd probably not ever buy for yourself? An explanation would be great too! I'm particularly wanting to hear about popular bags.

    Remember, this is just meant for friendly discussion, and not a heated argument because everyone has their own preference.

    I'll start off:
    - Stam (any version of it): I think it's a cute bag, but it's just not for me. Firstly, I never really found it that unique even though it's become one of the MJ staple bags. Secondly, I'm not a huge fan of quilted. Thirdly, I'm not a huge fan of the price. Unless it becomes $200 somehow, there is little to no chance I will ever acquire one, although I'll admit I am fairly fond of the stardust version.

    -anything in the Totally Turnlock collection: I think these pieces are cute, but I think any of them will look doofy on me. The turnlock just doesn't go with ol' sexycombover's style.

    - Hillary (?): I will admit, I love this bag. It's soooo pretty, but to me, it's not practical (I don't like satchels or short-strapped bags), and it is too pricey. Not to say I wouldn't buy it if it were <$400, but realistically speaking, I don't think I'd ever get to own one.

    - Pouchettes/Pochettes: They're cute, but at this size, I can't do anything with it.

    - LZC/LZW: I don't do big wallets, so even though some are absolutely breathtaking, just doesn't work with my lifestyle.

    -The Single: pretty much the same explanation as the Stam except this is a lot more affordable.

    - Anything in black: To be fair, I do own black bags, but not a lot. 2 off the top of my head, really. If I have a choice, I never pick black, because black is too safe for me.

    How about you?
  2. I like that idea of this thread.

    Hillary: I do like this bag, but I wont get any use out of it.

    anything in the Totally Turnlock collection: I'm with you on this one, I think it would look werid on me. & some of the shapes dont appeal to me.

    Pouchettes/Pochettes: Im with you on this one too. Its just too small.
  3. i agree with you about the stam. it's personally not my style and i've seen too many knockoffs of it!
  4. what a great topic! i have so many to list, i'm sure, but my brain is so fried from work, i can hardly think of anything. my list would include:

    1. patchwork. loved the rich colors, but iffy on the pw itself.

    2. mbmj bags. so many beautiful styles and colors. they either veer too casual or to young for my taste.

    3. ruffles (hillary, stefanie). again, such a gorgeous, feminine line. i almost bought a hillary myself, but i'm glad it didn't work out. i would've regretted it. it's not very me.

    4. vortex. super cool line. looks great on jacy. grace's grey one makes me weak in the knees, but it's too quirky cool. i'm afraid i wouldn't be able to do it justice. however, i admire it a whole lot.
  5. White or light colored bags. I love how they look but I am way too afraid of them getting dirty or color transferring on them.
  6. But you just bought an MbMJ, tad! :lol:
  7. yeah, but it's been one out of how many? i was thinking in terms of total volume. that mbmj was like a freak anomaly! :nuts:
  8. ^^Which one did you get? :graucho:
  9. this baby.


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  10. ^wow I say that bag & its hot!
    Im with Tad on the patchwork too. I just cant look at them
  11. I like a new topic! Good idea sexycomber

    1. Vintage MJ w/ the buckles. I bought one or two in the past but they were way too heavy for me and I hate the buckles - too much of a pain to open and close.

    2. Venetias - love the look, hate the buckle. I'm more of a shoulder bag gal in general.

    3. MBMJ bags - I keep falling for them, but they just don't suit me the way MJ does. I end up selling them after a bit.

    4. Small MPs and Elises - they're just TOO small.

    5. Carter bags - they're funky and cute but just never appealed to me.

    I think there are many more, but that's enough for now!
  12. Tad, I never thought I would be interested in a MBMJ bag. I've never seen one that look like me, but I like that one! What is it called?

    I've got to think about my own response to this thread... I'm pretty much a never-say-never kinda MJ gal... I wasn't a fan of either the MP or the venetia... but I've fallen for both! (Though only bought ONE!!!)
  14. good call on the old school buckle bags. it's a style i like a whole lot better on other people.

    sydney, it's called the leola zip hobo. nm has it in black and ivory. nordstrom carries a bright aqua blue. there's also a tan.
  15. I am in agreement with no Stam, and no Turnlock! Stams have been knocked off too much, and Turnlock I could never, ever, ever pull off.