It's nearly spring!!!

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  1. Hi ladies, I don't know what the weather's like for the rest of you, but here in London it's definitely beginning to feel like spring! I can't wait, I have a pale green jumper that will look sooooo nice with my new lemon Brooke, but I don't have a coat that will look right with them so I'll have to wait for the weather to warm up before I can go out in them!

    I do love winter clothes but I've been wearing them for so long......let's hope spring hurries up!! :tender:

    Toni xx
  2. I'm seeing a bit of blue sky today but not much. Stopped having to wear gloves recently though so that's a good sign, haven't put them away yet though, am sure we will get more snow before Spring arrives.
  3. It's fab here today - really mild, bright blue skies & sun! I've been out with my Mini roof down today, felt v springy.
    Have swapped black winter clothes for navy & white and bought a new scrunch mac in a mauvey pink. Also got a classic trench style mid thigh length mac today in pale blue - very new colours for me!
  4. It's even spring like in Edinburgh !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Waaaah, it's cold and gray here in NYC. Spring is at least 4 weeks away.
  6. I miss the seasons! Here it is sunny and bright all year round. I'm looking forward to my dose of London spring when I come in March. You'll have to tell me what kind of clothes I'll need. Will a raincoat with sweater underneath be enough? Or will I want a down jacket?
  7. Hopefully just a raincoat will be fine . It's not normally cold enough for down coats in March.
  8. Doesn't feel like spring here- 30 cm of snow over the last two days and more on the way for the weekend. I'm so jealous!
  9. Pursecrzy -- where do you live?
  10. it was beautiful in Stratford Upon Avon today. and didnt i know it, it was rammed.
  11. Near Toronto. I'm envious of your 80 degree weather TG!
  12. It was beautiful in London today.
    I took my lovely little boy for a walk around Hampstead today and we had a lunch date. It was so nice!! He is only 2 1/2, but I already prefer his company to many other people that I know.

    I wore my Mollie today, which does not really go with my grey I just wore a long cardigan. it was a bit chilly, but my bag looked great!!