It's Myne - Purse Charms, Necklaces, Key Chains

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  1. A while back Megs posted about a great new product Vlad had found called "It's Myne" which are sterling silver wearable sculptures! I thought they were such a unique item I couldn't wait to get one! Finally, here are some pics!

    These can be worn as necklaces, used as a key chain or as a purse charm. I haven't decided how to use mine yet!

    Besides being a gorgeous piece of art, the packaging is beautiful as well.

    These would make awesome gifts for any gift giving occasion! Check out their website at for more designs!

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  2. Thanks for posting, these are really artistic! :tup:
  3. I don't know why the photos showed up so also get your choice of color for the three crystals.
  4. thats cute.

    i would give my boyfriend one.. haha
  5. Wow, these are absolutely adorable!
  6. Oh, cute! I bookmarked the site. Thanks!
  7. Ok. I'm a dummy! I just found out that this is the purse charm only! To use this as a key ring, it needs a separate piece. It's still very cool though!
  8. cute! but I don't like the way my letter looks...