It's my turn, it's my turn! :) i'm a hudson mama too lol

  1. o:huh:o:huh:oo...see the gold reflection of the zipper on the wall?





    She's more brown than i imagined, i thought there's gonna be more burgundy tones to it. *sigh* She's so pretty...
  2. I love it on you! Great purchase! Congrats.
  3. aww the bag looks so cute with your outfit!!! i love it on you! congrats!!
  4. congrats zoinksta! your pics are amazing and the bag truly looks fabulous on you! enjoy your new baby! :jammin:
  5. ^ Thanks!!! The teal lining is just so so so scrumptious! :nuts:
  6. Omigod, this mj forum has turned out to be hudson chili fever! I think I need to get one too! Just kidding! I can't afford to get any MJ for now :crybaby:. Anyway, congrats zoinksta! I love the bag on you. You look great! Isn't the leather lining makes it all worth it?! I still like to smell my Trish leather lining :nuts:. My hubbie was all weirded out by me sticking my head in inside my bag!
  7. Gorgeous!!! Congrats Z!
    You look FAB with your baby! Your outfit is so cute. =)
    The pictures are so clear, which camera do you have?
  8. LOL. I want a Chili Hudson now too, but it's pretty much sold out now. AHHH!!! There's a strong leather smell when I took my Zip Bowler out of its bag earlier. The leather lining is so lux.

  9. Yup, you will kill us all if you post pictures of the lining too. =)
    I'm just a weirdo, I like looking at members' pictures even though I can stare at my ZB too. LOL.
  10. chloe.clementine:'re too funny!!! i think i'm about to do the same too, stick my head in the Hudson...and walk around haha!

    bag.lover: i'm using an old Canon G3 camera from a few years ago. It's a great camera, and i love it!

    Here's my entire happy family....(clockwise from left) Chili Hudson, Berry Stella, Butter Blake + pucci scarf, Chestnut Drummed Satchel. Wheee!!! :blush:
  11. Z Congrats! She is soo gorgeous, thanks for sharing!!
  12. Faint~ Quadriple drools!!!! Your MJ bags are soooo gorgeous!
    You are officially not allowed to part with your Berry Stella, not ever..ever. =)

  13. congrats!!! happy hudson day...LOL :roflmfao:
  14. Your wish is my command, as requested by the MJ fairygodmother lol...

    May i present...the teal leather lining on the side compartments. Leather cell phone pockets too! :yes:


    Gold stubby feet!

    My baby Tamster (short for Tammie) wants to say "hi" too. She's 4 months old and already trying to conquer the hat box. :lol: Hobbes (on my avatar) is my older boy...
  15. Z, thank you so much for granting my wishes....
    Your pictures really show the amazing details!!!! WOW!

    Tambster is so cute!!!! OMG!!! I love cats to death.
    Hobbes and Tambster are hubby & wifey? LOL.