It's my time to tease you guys~

  1. I can't hide it anymore, I must tell you guys that I will have 2 packages from eluxury. One will come tomorrow and another one will come on Friday. Sorry no photo yet, but you guys can start to guess what they are:graucho::graucho::graucho:

    So there r 3 items-one big and two small

    Hint1: I want the big one since Nov. 2006...
    Hint2: two small items, one is soft; another one is hard; both got red...

  2. Ooooh. Can't wait. I bet the anticipation is killing you.
  3. Yes, see I already made my new babies a photo frame...
  4. Congrats!:yahoo: My mind is blank, but, I'm going to take a chance to guess. Yikes, this is hard, nothing come to mind. Okay, is it Damier Saleya? Soft, soft... Pomme heart? and shoes?:s Okay that was hard. Anyway, I can't wait to find out and see pics.:yahoo:
  5. Damier something??:shrugs:
  6. :graucho:
  7. Thank bb10lue for posting photos and that made up my mind what to buy.:idea:
  8. mmm..azur saleya MM and the denim cruise scarf?
  9. :yes: almost...
  10. misisng one and hard? umm...pomme 4 key cles?
  11. right direction;)
  12. mm..pomme cles?!


    do I win something?!?!? Lol.
  13. The suspense is killing me. I keep coming back to find out. I'm so far off on my guesses.:lol: :blush:
  14. OOh sharing the anticipation with you!
    Hehe, one Saleya GM, one pink Etoile bandeau, one pomme cles?
  15. the big one is not that big...sorry I thought the one I got it's a big one to me...