It's My Mug Shot, And I'll Cry If I Want To!

  1. Stop Crying And Say "Cheese"

    Having your mug shot taken can be a very emotional experience

    JUNE 21--It's never pleasant to have your mug shot taken, as these recent photos of emotional arrestees show. Of course, not getting popped for drunk driving or criminal trespass is a good way to avoid the sheriff's harsh camera.


    There are nine in total, but I only posted my favorites.
  2. ???? I don't think the attachment is the right one....
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  4. [​IMG]

    Same woman, arrested twice this month.

  5. [​IMG]
  6. Waaahhhhh!

    If she was so traumatized the first time then why the heck get arested again? I'm just saying....
  7. I remember looking up someone's mugshot I knew in Florida and it made me so sad. She was so beautiful and in her mugshot her face was streaked with tears, her eyes all red, and you could tell she was totally devastated.
  8. I wish it told you what they got arrested for. Maybe then I wouldn't have so much sympathy for them. I am a sucker for tears!
  9. Wow, thats sad. Must have been scary, but hopefully deserved.
  10. Well getting your mugshot taken must be pretty rough, although I'm sure none of these people ended up in these situations by being angels...
  11. Oh man. Some of those people look like they might have a drug problem. So sad.
  12. The woman arrested twice is funny!
  13. I know!!! I hate to laugh at her pain but she just looks sooo distraught and I find it hilarious!!! Makes you wonder how come she landed in the slammer again?! In one month?!
  14. Oh man, I am so mean.