It's my mom's birthday!! can you please help me find her her dream bag??! PLEASE!!

  1. hi girls!
    my mom'a birthday is coming up! yes thats right and she's
    turning 50 this year and she loves bagg sooo much! ( well
    guess who i got this purse addiction from right?) anyways
    she told me that she saw this one GORGEOUS! Chanel bag
    in Las Vegas Chanel. She said this one lady was carrying it
    and when she asked the SA, it was apparently sold out. she didnt remember the name BUT she did explain it to me
    she said it was a bowler with a longer chain strap ( you definitely can carry it on your shoulder ) and theres a zipper in the middle with a little cc charm hanging from the zipper and on the bag theres a CC and has some details on the edges. SO from my point of view the only bag i could this of
    is the LUXURY BOWLER. i couldnt find any in Canada. I searched some on eBay but they only had the metallic ones available.
    SO if you could please help me locate this bag for my mom ( well for me to buy it for her! =)) i would thank you soo soo much!
    i am a 100% positive this gift would make her super happy for her birthday!!:yahoo:

    by the way i dont mind about the colours as long as they're not metallic ( she doesnt like metallic so much )
    thank you girls!:heart:
  2. the luxury bowler came in a matt calfskin in black... they were around last summer so i don't know if you are going to be able to find these anymore... but there have been sightings of a salmon/coral colored one? i saw one at the 57th st chanel in NY last month... it might be gone though... GOOD LUCK!

    ps. my mom is turning 50 this year too! i'm getting her a cloudy bundle tote. she's been eyeing mine. hehehe.
  3. Jeshika - that colour sounds divine!! i just called and it is gone!! =( thank you though! i would difinitely taking the risk on eBay but they didnt have any non metallics there! =(
  4. i'm sorry... it's a real pretty color... mmm, maybe u can call up one of the SAs recommended on tPF to see if they can find you one? i know there is talk of the luxe bowler returning but i think it's coming back in the metallic black. i really hope you manage to find a bag for your mom though! good luck!~
  5. Maybe try Bergdorf Goodman - they had a few red ones left a couple months ago.
  6. I saw a brown one at hirshlifers in manhassett ny last week
  7. black patent LBC at NM San Antonio, also e/w LBC in beige too