It's my lucky day! Lanvin Python Pochette

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  1. I posted a thread a little while back asking for opinions on a clutch (Proenza Schouler vs Lanvin). Well, I decided to purchase the PS1 small bag instead of the clutch (pics to follow as soon as it lands) but still haven't been able to get the Lanvin clutch out of my head.

    Today I was running errands at the mall and the store that carries Lanvin was on sale. I walked in and asked about the clutch and was told that it was not included in the sale. I browed the sale a bit and had decided on a bargain pair of Marni shoes when the store manager offered to give me the Lanvin clutch at 30% off:yahoo:

    It's still expensive I guess, but it came out to about 40% off US/European retail so I decided to snap it up. It was just too beautiful to resist!
    I will post photos later on but in the meantime here is a link
    These photos are probably better than anything I can take myself anyway.

    Thanks for letting me share!
  2. It's beautiful! And what a great deal!
  3. Gorgeous clutch hipnycmom! You have such a great python purse/clutch collection!
  4. Thanks bedhead! Here are some photos I took. It holds a lot!
    I took it to dinner tonight and put in a small cosmetic kit, 1 small case for keys, my blackberry, my pocket Moleskine diary, a pen, and a little case for cards and cash, and there is still room to spare:smile:

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  5. Lovely clutch!
  6. gorgeous! congrats!