It's my girlfriend's b-day soon! What's better, the Chloe Edith or Fendi B.?

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  1. My girlfriend's 25th birthday is coming up in the next 2 months. She's a handbag fanatic and her current loves are her 3 paddy's and 2 MJ stam bags. I don't know which bag to get her, the Chloe Edith or the Fendi B. buckle. Price is not really an issue, but the Edith is $1275.00 compared to the Fendi B which is $1795 for the smaller one and $2100 for the bigger version.

    Shes a very casual dresser, mainly jeans paired with a cute top and lots of accessories. She likes wearing flip flops in the summer and those round toed marc jacobs shoes. Picture loungy, california style. Hope this helps, and please help!

    OH, and what color is the best for each bag? The edith is coming in whiskey (cognac), parchment (yellowish white), and brown.

    The fendi b, is coming in a ton of colors, so narrowing it down would be nice...

    Ed :biggrin:

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  2. i would say a diamond, but if you want to remain in the reign of bags i think it is better the chloè...check even the silverado, it is a very beautiful bag and i think its design will last longer
  3. I was wondering if I could be your friend? Extravagant gifts aren't mandatory but they are appreciated : )
  4. It sounds to me like the Edith would be a better choice based on how you've described her style. The B bag is a stiffer, more "dressed up" bag, in my opinion. And I'd go with whisky or beige.
  5. Hmmm that's a pretty hard decision to choose :blink:. I haven' t seen Fendi B-Bag in person and I didn't know that they come with two sizes large and the smaller version so I can only relay on the look from the pics. The B bag is probably is going to be the it bag for this year? Maybe..But the Edith def is more casual looking compared to the B bag in my opinion. And the style is more subtle, and classic.

    Have you seen the two bags in person? It's a good idea to see them in person so you can feel the materials, see how two the bags look and you can compare which bags will look more suitable on her.

    If she likes to look more sophisticate the B is the answer in my opinion.

    And if I were her probably I will pick the B-bag just because it is a unique bag but I have to have the perfect colour for that so I can wear them with most of my outfits. You can also dress up and down with the B bag. Also pick the right size for her..and that is gonna be hard to choose plus the perfect colour!! :nuts: :nuts: .

    Good luck!! Let us know what you decide ok?
  6. I vote for the Edith based on her daily attire and style. The Edith leather is suppose to be fabulous, so you can't go wrong with it. Plus, I think it would make a great work bag, too.

    Good luck!!
  7. I vote for the Edith as well. Also, I would choose the whiskey color, which will be gorgeous year-round.
    As a self-professed tank-tops and jeans gal you just can't go wrong with Chloe. I got the Silverado for my last birthday and it was the best gift ever...:biggrin:
  8. I would go with the edith in whiskey! With a casual outfit, that would fit best and it has the slouchy look to it.
  9. Definitely the Edith, based on what you've said about her personal style. It looks to be more casual than the Fendi.
  10. Another vote for the Edith, and can I be your friend!
  11. If you do go for the fendi B... this color is the most popular on the wait lists at the moment.


    However I also heard the B is difficult to hold on the shoulder as it slips.
  12. I'll go for the Whisky Edith and do you need a mistress/concubine too? ;)
  13. I'd go for the Edith since you said she dresses casually most of the time. Any neutral color would be good. I like the whiskey.
  14. Edith!
  15. in total agreement, go with the Edith :biggrin: