It's My Gabrielle!


Dec 14, 2007
She's here! She's here! My lovely black South American ostrich Gabrielle!


I took a couple of quick pics of her on my shoulder. I threw on a pink jacket because I was wearing navy today and it would not have been enough contrast. The production photos (in the other thread) show her up close better than my little digital camera.

I love the strap drop (shortened to 14") because of the size of my arms -- long enough to let my arm through without banging my hip.

Her interior is indeed lilac fabric, but just like the walls of my arguably lilac bedroom, it looks very pink when photographed.

For those wondering how long it took, I paid for her on March 13 and she was in my hands on April 16. Not sure how you can beat that!

The SA ostrich has a bit of body on its own (though I have no comparison to other Ignes leathers...for now). Maria described it as lighter than African ostrich which makes me wonder how heavy the African is! The SAO has a nice texture, looks very natural and classic.

I have to say that the packaging was just beautiful -- very much like opening a present. Very well protected. Love the Ignes-embossed paper wrap too. It was shipped from Michigan and the delivery service was excellent.

I am off to just stare at her a while and find something to wear to work tomorrow that will Show.Her.Off.


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Aug 22, 2008
Oooooh!!!! Looks so good on you!!! I'm happy to hear it sounds like you are liking her!! More pics, pleeeeeeeeeze! When you get a moment. I really like that drop length.

yay, congratulations!


Feb 10, 2007
Pinkshoulders what a stunning beauty. She looks FAB on you!! And what an ingenious idea to shorten the strap.

Thanks for the pics and the timeline info. That is incredible fast. makes my wait a little easier for mine now. LOL

No Cute

cupcake butt
Aug 17, 2008
You and Gabby look fantabulous together!!! Wonderful!!! How tall are you? Is that a full sized Gabby?

Congratulations!!! What did you decide to wear to work? I have, more than once, asked everyone here to dress me for my bag, so you know they are very helpful ;).


Dec 14, 2007
That's a full size Gabi -- and I am 5'8".

Oddly, I can understand why many would want it smaller (not me, just sayin'). I carry a lot of stuff - -will steal the idea to show the stuff in and out when I can take better photos.

I am leaning toward red and black tomorrow. Red on top will make that bag pop. That's the thought right now but I think some more staring in the closet is warranted.