It's my first LV...*blush*... question though!

  1. K, got my first LV Speedy 25 of course.. its a classic. BUT I love the look of the light leather, I know some ppl love the patina (which I wont mind when I get to it) BUT I kinda want it to stay a "baby" for a bit... SOOOO.. what do I do to keep it light and I'm an idiot when it comes to date codes stamps and all that jazz so what does SP1025 mean? Like does it refer to a date? A specific month?
    Thanks to all that post.
  2. SP = Place 1025 = 12/05
    It'll stay pretty light for 3 months or so before it starts to honey noticably if you leave it in a dark place and keep it stored away.
  3. Oh Goodness, you all must think I'm a trip..
    I'm the chick who admires LV, the history the integrity etc but I admire from afar cause I work for a non-profit (we don't make bags of money ...)

    But I saved and didn't buy groceries for a while etc to get it that's why I want it to stay a "baby" for a while so I can really enjoy it, although going without, for the sake of my first Speedy was worth it, I don't know when it will happen again.. Yikes!
    Thanks so much, I'll take your advice!
  4. Congrats! :biggrin:

    You could spray Shining Monkey Fabric Protector on the leather part to keep it light longer. You can find the spray on
  5. Sunlight and hand oils are the main acclerators of patina, avoid both as much as possible and the vachetta will stay pale longer.