It’s my first BV - a mini wallet

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  1. So I kinda “needed” a new wallet. So I got a new bag. I love it. But my current medium Wallet is too big. And I have tried using a card holder and I hate it for every day. And I want to use these cute smaller to medium bags but keep all of my essentials and extras. While I have done limited stuff, I really want to make sure I have a reusable bag plus my basics.

    I’ve been attracted to BV’s logo-free ways and amazing leather for a few years now. But I haven’t quite found my perfect bag (I tend to like structured ones, and that is less frequent for this brand).

    I was super excited that an outlet opened up in my favorite outlet mall too. I can also visit the boutique and one nearby department store has a store within a store. But I haven’t quite had a reason to go in yet to explore.

    Today I needed to visit the outlets to return something and I thought it would be nice to explore the BV store, particularly for this purpose. I wanted a small, discreet and luxe wallet. In a color that is not black. But not one of the shades I don’t particularly like.

    So I walk into the outlet - some springy colors are at an additional discount. And I start to explore the wallet sizes.

    Right away I am blow away by the lovely mostly leather interior. With some of the softest leather I have ever handled. I think - I really need to get a BV wallet one day. The only other that gave me this feeling was the Valextra that is no longer working for me. Celine is close, but not all the way there.

    The sale options weren’t right. Then some snake prints catch my eye in the case and I see more options to try.

    I see one size that looks promising in a nice shade of grey. I put my stuff in and it fits great. I try it in my purse and it also works pretty well.

    The SA starts pulling out other similarly sized ones for me to check out.

    And then I saw this lovely crackly gold colored wallet. And it is beautiful.

    And I realize after a few minutes it is my winner.

    The color is so unique. It is really compact and spacious. I think it is going to wear beautifully.

    The SA grabbed the 2 new ones from the back for me to select. And each had a different texture. I chose the smaller textured one. That had a few larger grained pieces mixed in.

    Here is my reveal. I hope this is my HG Wallet. :biggrin:





    The only bad news - I didn’t notice the SA took the tag and I didn’t see the color name. Does anyone know?

    Can’t wait to get this in my bags and give it a spin. This should fit in most of my smaller bags and I won’t have to switch out to my zip card holders!
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  2. Very pretty
    Call the SA and ask her the color
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  3. So beautiful and I am super tempted to be your wallet twin
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  4. Very pretty!!!
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  5. Lovely!
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  6. Thanks for that idea. It got me part of the way, and I figured it out. The shade is ORO_SCURO in Calf!*

    *sorry for the caps but it seemed that writing o-r-o triggers some random emoji.
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  7. I had no idea BV metallics were so lovely! I think when I find the right BV bag, it is going to have to be a metallic!
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  8. Congrats on your score. BV metallics are beautiful!
  9. Beautiful, congrats!
  10. Excellent choice! I’ve been eyeing the mini wallets, too. I’m waiting to find just the right color. Glad that you’ve found yours! Enjoy!
  11. Congrats on your beautiful wallet! I actually am your wallet twin, liked it so much that I didn't wait for the sale.
    I'm new to the forum, but have been a BV fan for quite some time - their SLGs mostly. Strangely enough haven''t gotten into the bags yet.
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  12. BV does an amazing job with metallics. They are my BV weakness.
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  13. Wallet twins! It has been working well for me. And I am surprised that I don’t have to take out my train card to tag in and out! It is a win win. :smile:
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  14. This is a great little wallet and you’ll find the metallic will wear really well.