It's my birttttthday! Blueberry or Cornflower work as my present??

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  1. YAYYY It's officially my BIRTHDAYYYYYYY!!
    AND to commemorate, I want a BALENCIAGA WORK!
    It will be my first!

    I was actually at NM SF a couple days ago and fell in LOVE with a blueberry work bag. It was sooo delicious! (And I met the lovely xochrissie (sp?) who was so wonderful and nice in person :love:). BUT I just found an amazing deal on a cornflower work...

    So which one should I get??? The cornflower work will be considerable CHEAPER.. But is it worth the sacrifice? Granted, I love the cornflower color too... I'm just not sure!! Ahh.

    So here's a quick description of me, so you ladies can help me figure out what color to get: I'm 5'1, Korean, black hair, somewhat light skin. I looove black, white, and gray clothing & dark dark dark denim. I already own a magenta first and a black city- also owned a turquoise 05 first and an origan box but both are with their new mommies now. (The turq didn't work with my skin tone and the origan box just wasn't *me*.)

    The blueberry was such a gorgeous jewel tone.. And it looked so gorgeous in the work size! Christine was nice enough to show me a cornflower work as well but I was so infatuated with the blueberry that I didn't pay attention :shame:.

    IF anyone owns one or the other, may I get some input please? hehe I already searched the forum, and it seems as though a LOT of people have a blueberry work!! It's so popular!!

    Thank you ladies!! :heart:
  2. i would say get a blueberry, very nice color and happy b-day!!!!!!!!!!:flowers:
  3. hi!!
    To me cornflower! I own the work and I use it almost everyday :yes: :yes:
    Happy birthday !!
  4. i don't think you could go wrong with either! happy birthday!
  5. Happy Bday!!!. My birthday was Saturday and I bought myself a camel part time as a present. I have a blueberry work and of all my bags the leather is best on that particular bag. Go for it and have a wonderful day!
  6. Happy Birthday!!

    I am partial to Blueberry ... wanna see mine - HEE!
  7. Happy birthday! (My birthday is later this week too).

    Tough decision -- which bag has the nicer leather?
  8. Blueberry
  9. I vote for blueberry. Happy Birthday.
  10. Happy Birthday, I like the blueberry.
  11. go for blueberry! it's a richer blue... looks nicer with jeans.
  12. happy birthday! How exciting, your first bbag!
    My vote goes to Blueberry, it's one of my favorite colors all around. :drool:
  13. happy birthday!!! i love blueberry
  14. Yayyyyyyyyyy! Happy Birthday!!
    I vote Blueberry!!!

    My vote is for cornflower, but if you truly love blueberry the best then do not let price rule your decision! Go for the color you love the most!