It's my birthday!

  1. :party:
    Ah, I hate getting older, but I love having a valid reason to go shopping! My bf is giving me some money to go bday shopping so I'm wondering... should I put it towards an epi Alma, or should I buy something small (like a pomme cles) and spend the rest on stuff like clothes? I won't have enough to buy the whole Alma, so I will have to use my own $ as well. What to do?
  2. Happy Birthday!

    I'm sure you'll have a great day whatever you choose!
  3. happy birthday! get the mini lin speedy - it's on ur list!
  4. I think you should buy something small, so that when you use it/see it, you will remember that it was an exclusive pressie for you from your boy...instead of a half-gift from him, if you know what i mean.

    And happy, happy birthday to you! :party:
  5. I agree that you should get something small. That way, it is just from your boyfriend. :smile:
    Happy Birthday!
  6. Ooo Happy B-day!! Get something small so you'll always remember it!!
  7. If you really need the bag then get that.

    Happy Birthday!
  8. happy birthday jellybebe! go try things on and see what you feel most drawn to. i think you will know when you look at the accessories or bags. the small accessory is a good idea as the ladies above mentioned. it will then be solely from your bf! enjoy your day!! :biggrin:
  9. Happy Birthday!
  10. Silly me, I forgot to update my siggy! I got the Mini Lin Speedy from my mom for my bday last week!

    Thanks for the sweet wishes, everyone! I still have 3 hours of class to get through and a ferry ride home before I can hit up LV! I decided to come home, I NEED to go shopping and hang out where home is!

    I really really really want the Alma but I am kinda afraid he will freak out and say "Another bag?!?!"
  11. Happy Birthday!!! What have you been wishing for the most???
  12. Happy Birthday, have a magical day!
  13. Happy birthday!
  14. Happy Birthday!!

    I would get the Alma.
  15. Happy Birthday Day.
    I would get the alma for sure.