It's my birthday! What should I treat myself to???

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  1. happy birthday to me! finally i have a legitimate reason to buy something nice for myself but i dont' know what to get! a lot of the things i REALLY want are too expensive because right now i can only afford something under $250-$300 range so maybe a preloved handbag would do the trick. any suggestions? right now i'm thinking of a miu miu coffer (but which shape/size??) ... or something very versatile but a little bit badass. all suggestions welcome! :yes:
  2. I don't have any suggestions, but Happy Birthday!
  3. :party::party:
    Happy Birthday!!!!
  4. hahahaha aww thanks! :biggrin: it sucks though because i'm in the middle of getting a new job and so i don't really have a lot of money to spend on myself! and in my first post i said i was thinking of a miu miu coffer but now i'm thinking balenciaga booties...!!! i'm all over the place :S
  5. happy birthday! how about an accessory from lv?
  6. YAY for birthdays:yahoo:! I can't wait til its my birthday to spoil myself!
    MBMJ, BCBG, kate spade, Cole Haan, Juicy Couture, Gustto, L.A.M.B., Tory Burch or Furla have bags in your price range.
    I hope that helps!
  7. A new purse, of course! :P

    Happy b-day!!
  8. thanks you guys! yes i would LOVE a hot new purse from my wishlist: a YSL rive gauche in leather (pretty much any colour!), marc jacobs little stam (in bright blue, or milk or cream), BURBERRY STUDDED KNIGHT BAG, prada glace sfumata bowler....

    thanks bexstasy and mstina for your lovely suggestions! LV is too flashy for my style but i think a nice MBMJ might work! or tory burch flats....!!

    what are you guys planning on getting for your birthdays?
  9. Happy Birthday!!! Treat yourself to a Martini and enjoy the day! :drinkup:
  10. Happy Birthday! :drinkup: I've been wanting a pair of cute flats for summer too! :tup:
  11. Happy Birthday! How about carbs?!?!
  12. woot! maybe some chloe paddington flats... i don't know if that's what they're actually called. maybe they're called 'prince'. anyway they're darn cute and look so comfy! would love some lanvin flats but cannot afford right now :sad:
  13. LOL what??????
  14. LOL! and I second the idea to treat yourself to a L.A.M.B. on your birthday, but then again I am rather partial...:angel:
  15. A little cake and a nice gift. Happy birthday!:yes: