Its my Birthday too

  1. :yahoo:
    oooh I love birthdays, and this one was even better than usual lol. It is also my 13th wedding anniversary today, but I definitely got my surprise a couple of days early.

    My love PF friend Secret_Shopaholic plotted with my husband (the Devil's) to come and spend my birthday weekend with me and its the first time we have actually met :roflmfao:, to say I was shocked when I opened the door on Friday evening was the understatement of my life :nuts:. It took me most of the weekend to recover :biggrin:
  2. Wow ! what a wonderful surprise! :nuts: Happy Birthday! :yahoo:

    Happy Anniversary too ! :heart:
  3. Great! Happy Anniversary and Birthday!!!
  4. Ahhh Thanks Honey,

    It certainly took all the stress off of what I would wear when we finally met lol! - She totally caught me in my PJs :blush::greengrin:.

    I am already plotting how to pay them back :biggrin:
  5. Wow what a fantastic birthday surprise. :nuts: Happy Birthday :yahoo:
  6. Ha'birthday!

  7. chloe babe happy consecutive 21st, hunny ! :yahoo:
  8. Wow!! what an awesome surprise!! happy birthday!
  9. happy birthday!
  10. Happy Birthday and Anniversary!!!!!!! :yahoo:(It's my bday too!!!):balloon::flowers::balloon:
  11. Happy birthday and Happy anniversary!!!

    WHAT a birthday surprise!!

    you've got to start a new thread to tell us about it!
    did you 2 TPFers have dating nerves? - what if we don't actually like each other in person?? - What if the other is really a psycho??? - what will I wear? - What BAG will i take?? tell us all about it!!!
  12. Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary!
  13. Hope you have a lovely birthday, and a wonderful day with lots of, and so glad you had a brilliant weekend with Secret
  14. Happy Birthday!!
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!! :flowers: