It's my birthday today =). And my bf got me my first LV

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  1. Here is my Beverly MM.



  2. You're such a lucky girl. I love that bag. Now I'm :cursing: myself for not getting it. It looks so good on you.
  3. Happy birthday and congrats!! So nice of your BF!:tup:

    And congrats on such a beautiful gift!
  5. congrats .. i just got the beverly gm .. so glad i did, the SA said they are only available for 2 more months. happy birthday .. and wear her in good health!!!!
  6. ahem...happy birthday to youuuuu...happy birthday to yoooouuuu!!!

    gorgeous! looks great on you! what a sweet bf!
  7. it's beautiful!!! what a sweet bf you've got!
  8. congrats!
  9. looks great on you - congrats
  10. Gorgeous bag, congratulations!
  11. Altogether now....happy birthday to youuuuuuuu....
    Great bag, great BF, what a lovely way to start with LV. Looks good on you, hope you enjoy it.
  12. Happy birthday and beautiful bag. Did he do this on his own, or did you drop hints?
  13. what a sweet bf u have! congrats and enjoy your bag ! great choice !
  14. What a pretty bag, looks great on you. Enjoy!
  15. awww.. that looks great on u. Congrat! and Happy bday!!