It's my birthday today! And I'm heading to Hermes!

  1. I just turned 27 approximately 30 minutes ago. :crybaby:

    I'm heading to Hermes this afternoon, and hopefully my SA will be there. I'm probably not buying anything because as you may have read in my other post, the Evelyne that I wanted got sold to someone else. :crybaby: I will ask them to give me a call if a Cyclamen Evelyne PM ever comes in though. And I'll take a look at the Twillys! :nuts:

    Anyone know the name of that bracelet that looks like black leather with metal studs on it? And how much does it cost? TIA!
  2. Happy Birthday. Have a fantastic day and enjoy your trip to Hermes. Take care.
  3. A, do ask them to do a search for you. They can see if there is on in the system and perhaps send one to your local store for you.

    The bracelet your are describing sounds like the collier de chien. Price depends on the leather...As shown here it is $920...


    Have a fantastic orange Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: :heart: :smile:
  4. Yes, thats the bracelet I'm talking about! Except in black! Know where I can see modeling pictures of this bracelet? I wonder if I'm going to look like a hardcore punk rocker wearing it! :rochard: :p

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, everyone!
  5. :drinks: Happy Birthday, twenty seven, that's young!
  6. Happy Birthday!!! [​IMG]
  7. Thanks!

    One of my favorite quotes: "I'm still young! I'm go-go-go-gorgeous! I'm still hot!" LOL! :p
  8. Woohoo! Happy Birthday! Have fun at H!
  9. Snap - princessfroggy posted at the same time
  10. Thanks for posting the CDC thread. I do like it, but it looks quite bulky/heavy. I'm afraid I'll look like a hardcore punk rocker! LOL

    I'll ask if they have the bracelet for me to try on tommorrow.
  11. Happy Birthday! Have fun!
  12. :flowers: great minds ;)
  13. Happy Birthday Arnott! Enjoy!