It's My Birthday in 4 days and I need help :) Is cabby a good choice?

  1. Hello,
    So it's my birthday in 4 days and my parents are giving me 2000 dollars as a gift. I was drooling recently over the black denim cabby GM and thinking about getting it as a gift :smile: But now i am thinking if its a good idea to get it. I need help !!:smile: Should I get it or should i get something else?
  2. woah, generous parents. If you really like the Cabby then why not? :smile:
  3. i would def get the cabby gm in black...that is one hot bag and so versatile, i wish I got a bday gift like that! let us know what you end up getting!
  4. what else have you considered?

    Happy advance birthday

    wow there are a lot of LV lovers birthdays coming up
  5. If you want it go for it! it's a great bag.
  6. Thank you :smile:

    Maybe there is a connection between Virgoes, Leos and Lv?:smile:
    Well cabby in black was my first choice. But i was also thinking about keeping the money and trying to get miroir lock-it or chanel pst bag. Soooo many bags to choose from lol :smile:
  7. Thank you ajamesgrly thats what i thought too. I tried it at a LV store and it looks great, especially when worn messenger style. I guess i just need some reassurance that it is a great bag to get :smile:
  8. Happy birthday, sweetie :heart:

    I think neo cabby GM is a great choice. Love it. and it is so cute when it wears as a messenger style. Chic chic;)
    I just purchased a mm and waiting for it comes. so excited!!!
  9. Oh wow, what a gift! Is your birthday on the 30? Mine is too ;) If I had 2000, I'd prolly split it and get a few different things!
  10. I :heart: my Black Neo Cabby GM. It is a great bag to use and has lots of great extra touches to look at. If that is the bag you want then get it, I don't think you will be dissappointed. Why not take a trip to your nearest LV store and try on different bags? By the way, Happy Birthday :woohoo:and don't froget to post pics of what ever you decide.
    P.S. Would your parents adopt me?
  11. I say go for it. I love the cabby!!!
  12. The Cabby great.
  13. I received my cabby gm last week (more like I chose it and my mom paid for it) on my birthday shopping trip in HK and I love it! I love it because its so versatile, let it be worn as a shoulder bag or as messenger style. It's so practical too!! Come see my collection.

    However, with $2000, you still have an extra $300 to share to treat your family for dinner. It's on you :tup: Happy advance birthday!
  14. Thank you so much everyone, I knew i came to the right place :smile: You are the best enablers lol :smile:))) Most of my friends are like...what? you want a purse?? why dont you just save it?:smile:
    Lalique - Unfortunately i doubt i will have much money left over, since the tax in canada is 14% i will probably just cover it. Anyone knows the full price of cabby GM in canadian dollars with tax? I haaate taxes:sad:
  15. WOW. You are a very lucky girl !!!
    What a great birthday gift.
    It's a great bag, I would love one for MY birthday !!!!!!