it's my birthday :D

  1. just wanted to tell everyone that its my birthday!! also, i have a toki surprise that will come probably next week since i sent the $$ out today, but i will take pics when i get it! whats a birthday without a little toki right :wlae:

    back to studying chem for me tho (yea i have a chem exam on my bday, oh well) bye everyone!!
  2. I know what it is!!! Happy Bday!!
  4. Happy birthday and many many more!
  5. happy birthday and wish you an A on your chem exam.:yahoo:
  6. Happy birthday, how old are you?
  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!:drinkup:
    nothing beats getting a tokidoki as a gift!
  8. Happy Birthday.. :woohoo::flowers::happydance::drinkup: :rochard: :party::ninja:sad:what's a birthday without a ninja? hehe)
  9. thanks everyone!!!!!

    i turned 18 :smile:
  10. happy birthday!! :balloon:
  11. Happy birthday!
  12. Happy B-Day! You can vote now!
  13. Happy Birthday!:party:
  14. Happy Birthday!!:flowers::yahoo::party:
  15. Happy Brithday! :queen: I agree, Tokis make the best birthday gift!! :party:
    And Good luck on your chemistry exam! :woohoo: