Its my Birthday, and I'll cry if I want too!

  1. I need a HUG!! My Misty is gone:cry: As most of you know Misty is my sweet Maltese that is in my avatar pics. On the Sat. before Easter,we were out to dinner, my daughter didnt lock our front door. The wind blew it open and out Misty went. She is soooo not a runner, just a neighborhood visitor. She had just had a bath so her tags were off! My daughter and I have spent hours combing the neighborhood, signs and all but no Misty. Today is my Birthday and all I want is my Misty to come home!!:sad2: :cry:
  2. I am soooo sorry! But think of the tales she'll be able to tell when she comes back! She'll turn up, I just know it. I read in the news that a dog returned after THREE years to its family. You won't have to wait that long -- Misty looks like a smart one.

    Sending positive thoughts your way ans Misty's way . . . .
    she will come back..they are so much smarter than we think they are!! let us know..we will be thinking of youu..and happy birthday as well....even though its a tough time!
  4. Happy Birthday - I hope your Misty comes home today...
  5. Aaawwwwwwww!! I am so sorry about Misty! I hope and pray she will come home soon!!!

    ((((((((((((((((HAPPY BIRTHDAY)))))))))))))))))))

    :smile: :smile: :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin: :smile:
  6. Oh sweetie, I'm so sorry! *hugs!!!* She'll come back I'm sure - try and stay positive.
  7. Oh no!! That's awful!
  8. *big hugs* - I'm sure she'll be home soon.
  9. I can understand how upset you must be. As she doesn't have her tags, it may take longer to find her but I am sure she will show up. Sometimes people just don't know who to call. Try the shelters, etc...

    And happy birthday.
  10. *** big hug***
    So sorry to hear that. I hope that your Misty will turn up soon.
  11. THANK YOU EVERYONE! I really pray she makes it home. I just am afraid she is such a sweet well trained pup, people will keep her. I am going to check the shelter today.
  12. :amazed: ooh NO ranskimmie!!!{{{cyber hugs}}}
    She'll be back! You'll find her, I KNOW it!!

    Happy sad birthday to you:cry:
  13. Did you put up some signs yet?
    If I found a little dog like that, I'd be looking for Wanted posters for her.
  14. Happy Birthday, May the best gift you receive today is that Misty will come home. Keep thinking positive thoughts. It is horrible to think someone may keep her if they find her but I think in my heart there would have to be some guilt and if a person has her they will bring her back home to you. Hugs.
  15. Ooooh no!!!! Please put up signs, call your local shelter, your local police and fire dept. to alert them. I would even drive down there with pictures to post in the depts. so if they happen to come across her they'll know where she belongs. I hope you find her!!! OMG I am so upset myself now :sad: I can't imagine how you must feel.

    Big hugs and prayers are with you that you find Misty and she comes home!!! I hope that your birthday turns out to be a joyous one.