Its my bday today and Im 39....Jan 27th

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  1. Hello my name is Holly and I just turned 39 as of a few minutes ago LOL. I am a new member and LOVE it here! I have met so many wonderful people here so far. Thank you to the owners of this site for making it a reality for all of us. And thank you to all mods etc for all that you do for all of us on a daily basis. Any advice on turning 40 cause I have a year left of being in my 30's? :nuts:Thanks in advance to all...

  2. happy birthday
  3. Happy Birthday to you.
  4. Have a wonderful birthday! (:
  5. Happy Birthday! have a great day!
  6. Happy birthday, Holly! Love your doggy in your avatar :smile:

    Welcome to Purse Forum. I passed 40 so long ago I can barely remember. It's how old you are in your mind that counts!
  7. THANK YOU.:smile:
  8. THANK YOU.:smile:
  9. THANK YOU.:smile:
  10. THANK YOU. Im working on it.:smile:
  11. THANK YOU. Thanks for the advice.:smile:
    happy birthday,holly
  12. We share a birthday - Happy Birthday - I hope you have a fabulous day, no advice for turning 40 other than enjoy yourself....I am on the slippery slope to turning 50 now.
  13. Tillie46 your a doll!! Thank you so much.:hugs::flowers::smile:
  14. Laloki,

    HAPPY BDAY TO YOU TOO. And thank you so much!!! Hey 50 and Fabulous huh...:yahoo::smile:
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