It's my BDay and I didnt expect anything Bal at all...

  1. SO it's my 21st Birthday today but as I have had many expensive things to pay for...(last bal splurge GHBrief,BIG Trip, moving to another city etc.) my family mostly gave me some financial support and I didnt expect any Bal items at all!(above all cause u cant get them were I LIVE:graucho: )
    BUT my dearest of all boyfriends still managed to get me a lil something out of nowhere..a veeery cute lil black money wallet...Im so happy:heart::heart:
    I'll be off for a lil partying now but will post pics later..I'm more than excited:yahoo:
  2. Happy birthday Oula!! Great that you got a surprise on your's always nice to get surprises!!

    Pics pics!!
  3. happy bday! be that young again...what a thoughtful boyfriend too! congrats and have fun!
  4. Happy Birthday!! He obviously knows what you like!!
  5. Hooray for thoughtful boyfriends!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! be 21 again!!! :girlsigh:
  6. Happy birthday!!! I love my money- hope you love yours!!!!! Have a great day!!!! Your boyfriend is a sweetie!!!
  7. Happy Birthday! :smile:
  8. Happy birthday, Oula!:flowers: it's your golden year - 21 on the 21st! what a sweet boyfriend :girlsigh::tender:
  9. Happy Birthday and post pictures when you can of your wallet.
  10. HAPPY BIRHTDAY!!:party:
  11. Happy birthday you lucky girl!:flowers::flowers:
  12. aww...what a nice surprise :smile: Happy Birthday!
  13. AwWw.. so sweet. He's a keeper~! Happy b-Day t:huh:! :drinks:
  14. Happy Happy Birthday to You Oula..... great boyfriend too!
  15. Great surprise !! :nuts: Happy birthday!!! ;):p