It's my baby's 4th Birthday!! *Pics*

  1. It was two years ago today that I brought my Lucy home from the rescue! She is 4 years old. She celebrated with her very own birthday cupcake! Even though she just got a few licks she was snorting with delight!!!


  2. What an adorable face :yes:
  3. Aww! So cute! happy birthday to Lucy!
  4. Awwww!!! She's so pretty! Happy B-day Lucy!
  5. Oh, what a lucky girl! Happy birthday, Lucy!!!
  6. Happy Birthday Lucy! You have a great mom!
  7. haha so cute ...
  8. Aww, that's so sweet!
  9. happy birthday lucy!!
  10. Aaaaw, she's adorable! :love: Happy birthday Lucy :yahoo: What breed is she btw?
  11. I was told she was a shih-tzu but I suspect she has some pekingese in her too. Her "brother" is pekingese (my sis adopted him) and in the face they look alike. Their howls and snorts are similar too :heart:
  12. ^ I tought she looked a little bit pekinese as well, but I wasn't sure. Anyhow, she's absolutely adorable :love:
  13. Priceless "facial" expression! I feel the same way about cupcakes! Many happy returns to your darling girl!
  14. Happy Birthday Lucy!!!!!!:balloon: :party: she looks just like
    my lhasa apso, April:tender:
  15. that is such a cute pic!! happy birthday too!!

    she looks like she's dyign to get to that cupcake!!