It's my babbbbbby!

  1. HAHA so I have horrible luck with cellphones. I've had my contract less then a year and already gone through 3 phones...! OK well I just got a motorola RAZR v3 (silver if you must know) and I LOVE THEM. But, I bought a used one off of eBay and it's scuffed, naturally -- yes it's driving me crazy that it isn't new -- but what do you all think about those phones?:rolleyes:
  2. Loved my Razr, but w/ teen, needed to be able to text message and got a sidekick III:tup:
  3. I have a Silver Razro too....I did have a pink Razr but I lost that after about 3 days LOL. I like the Razr it serves my needs don't really do a whole lot of texting so I don't know about that but I do use the media bundle because I like to be able to access the net and find out about scores (I love baseball).
  4. Glad you're enjoying your phone.

    I couldn't stand my Razr (it froze all the time) and bought another Motorola phone, the Q.
  5. Okay.. I bought a Blue Razr V3 off eBay.. my bf's phone was dying so I was going to give him my silver razr for the short term and use the blue one (he hated the blue color). Anyhow I bid too quickly (didn't noticed the USED ... duh). So I win and get the phone. Turns out the seller left photos on it... hrm.. let's just say seller looks a lot like Ron Jeremy.. lol! (note he DID have his clothing on - thank gerds for that!)

    BTW - I love my (silver) razr. Anyone want to buy a blue one? I'll sell it to ya cheap!! :p
  6. LMAO. You had me holding my breath for the first part of this sentence!
  7. I have a RAZR. I don't particularly like it and look forward to my contract being up when I can get another phone.

    Now the last phone I had I bought off of eBay and the seller had left pics on it. He had pics of all of these people acting drunk and stupid and in a couple pics some guy was either mooning or tea bagging a dude passed out on a sofa....too funny! I left the pics on there because they cracked me up.
  8. Was Ron in any of those photos?? :push:
  9. I feel the same about mine..