***It's my 18th Birthday soon!! What should I be treated to?? HELP***

  1. Hi guys!!
    In a few weeks time I'll be celebrating my 18th :party:

    I'd therefore like it very much if you could help me decide what treat/s I should buy myself for my very special day!!

    Whatever item/s I buy will definately be in either traditional monogram, vernis, or maybe multicolore - nothing else.

    I have set a budget of £300 - but if need be I can stretch to £350 (at most)

    Hit me with ideas! All suggestions (from the above ranges) will be very much appreciated :smile:

    So far I only have a monogram speedy 30, monogram pochette accessoires and two vernis cles (noisette and pomme d'amour) if that helps!
  2. not sure on money stated about? but I would go with a keepall or anything in the MC line as its my favorite
  3. VERNIS!!

    but I guess if you want variety, multicolor.
  4. Get a wallet. A white MC Koala wallet! :biggrin:
  5. Multicolor or a speedy?
  6. How much does that convert to in USD?
  7. approx $686 (£350)
  8. about $590 :smile:
  9. haha we must have clicked at the same time :nuts:
  10. Thanks Label Addict and Steve! ;)

    Hmmm... I think you should get an MC Small Ring Agenda?
  11. a wallet like Jane said would be nice!!
  12. I would buy a mulitcolor speedy. But I don't think there would be enough money? So..hrm. Something inv vernis then :heart:
  13. a wallet would be nice! i agree
  14. Get somethine multicolor or denim - would be cute for you. Don't get vernis...I think they look like any ordinary bag and are nothing too special looking.
  15. a white mc wapity and something else!