It's my 1 year anniversary! Let's have a contest!

  1. Wow-I can't believe my 1 year tPF anniversary is coming up already! on April 30th, it will be a year since i found this forum and became hooked! i just love it here. I have made so many friends, and enjoy the topic discussions so much. I feel warm and safe here and I love how supportive everybody is with each other-that is very rare in internet communities!

    So, with Vlad and megs' permission, I would like to share my joy with all of you by holding a contest. Tell me why you love tPF so much-what keeps you coming back day in and day out. maybe you have a touching tale to tell-let it loose! I will read all submissions and pick my favorite top 3.

    I will then open the voting to the entire board and the winner will get this one of a kind, handmade tote bag from Baby Peach :


    Here are the rules:

    You should be a member of tPF for a minimum of one month.

    Write why you love tPF so much and what keeps you coming back all the time. Maybe you have a funny tale to tell. Whatever it may be-tell me why this board is your number one! Please make it at least 50 words. You can post here in this thread. You have until one week from today (May 3rd) to get your submissions in.

    I will read all posts and then pick my favorite 3. I will then put up a separate thread with the 3 favorite picks with a poll for the rest of the board to vote on. The open board voting will last until May 8th at which time, the poll will be shut down and the one with the most votes will win the bag posted above.

    Good luck to everyone! And, happy anniversary to me!! :yahoo:
  2. :yahoo: Congrats Nishi on your 1st anniversary!:yahoo: I need to start writing!
  3. Why I love tPF!! Read on...

    I have been a member since January and was introduced to this place by a friend of mine. When I first started, I was visiting maybe once a week to the designer forums but then...

    I started reading more in the General Discussion and Health and Fitness forums where I started getting to know people. The more and more I read, and the more and more I started posting my own threads, the more I felt like I was really a part of something great...something greater than just a place to talk about purses and jewelry!

    I love knowing that if I need help with something personal, I can come here and get the support I need, and that I can get the opinions that even my friends won't give me. I love the fact that there are people here who will sugar-coat it for you and that there are people here who won't and that makes this a real place to come to and this is my first choice if I need an answer to, well, just about anything!!

    I feel like I have found a new family here, and most of all, that is why I love tPF. I can truly say that I cannot imagine my life without this place and I look forward to continuing my "education" here, and I look forward to meeting and making new friends!!

    (Thanks, Nishi621, for doing this! I think that you are doing a great thing!!)
  4. Thank you ladies! keep them coming everyone! :biggrin:
  5. Come on everyone! help me celebrate!
  6. Congrats, Nishi! It's a pleasure reading your posts (and giving you suggestions :smile:)
  7. Nishi Congratulations!! :yahoo:

    Why I :heart: TPF! by Stevie, a TPF Nut.

    I came for the purses; I stayed for the friendship, love, warmth, respect and general chatter. I stumbled over TPF entirely by accident in Jan '07 after a fortuitous google search and merely read the forums until I couldn't stand it any longer --> I had to get me some of that TPF spirit! I dipped my toe into the water by posting in handbags and purses and before long I was sucked in good and proper. TPF is my favourite place on the web, I :heart: the fact that I can get any question answered be it about bags, purses, shoes, mortgages or even what colour underwear Victoria Beckham prefers (seriously, does anyone know??)! This is a haven of happiness that plays an important role in my internet life now, I know because I find myself doing this --> :wlae: in real life when I find something cool, because I desperately wish my eyebrows could do this --> :graucho: and because I can now stop a fake bag at 20 paces! Kudos to Megs & Vlad for creating such a fab place to hang out, long may it continue!!
  8. Happy anniversary!!

    I first stumbled accross tPF in January when I was doing reseach on a Gucci bag that I wanted. I was a stalker for about a couple of weeks, only reading people's threads and comments. I felt a really good vibe from members. Everyone is soooo nice and I wanted to be a part of that. So in February I finally gave in and signed up. :yahoo:

    I have been hooked since then, spending huge chunk of my days reading the threads. It's interesting to see the different tastes, opinions, personalities etc that you can find here. I have to say that I consider myself lucky to have found all of you guys and I love my new friends and I am hoping to meet more! :heart:

  9. Brat! LOL ;)
  10. Congrats on your one year!!
  11. Thank you!
  12. Happy Anniversary Nishi621.
  13. Happy Anniversary, Nishi!

    Why I love tPF?

    I love tPF because of the knowledgeable, caring, and fun group of people it brings together. I've met so many wonderful individuals over the last year or so (even met some at the Minneapolis/St Paul-ish meet), and I have yet to meet someone who wasn't a complete doll. Members of tPF have been there for me when I needed advice, whether it be about a handbag or some personal aspect of life, or when I just needed someone to rant to... there was always someone (usually a group of someones) who were more than willing to take a few minutes to give input or encouraging words which many of you might not know actually makes a difference, sometimes a huge difference.

    I've had many good laughs sitting in front of my computer screen, laughing at either some joke that was told or the latest pictures of a hideous fake that was posted up.

    When I tell "outsiders" about tPF, the majority of the reactions I get are, "Are you serious? People sit around and talk about handbags all day on a forum?" and being an "insider" I can't help but laugh. They just don't understand us. And maybe, for our sake, that's a good thing. Hahaha!

    *sigh* I love it here. :love:

  15. Hey Nishi! Congrats on your 1st year on TPF!

    About my TPF experience.. Well, what keeps on me coming back here? I guess, for me, what I’m looking for in a forum is all in here.

    I guess everyone in here loves handbag and that makes me a very special place and for me to feel that I belong here. I don’t have ANY friends here in Hong Kong that loves luxury handbags and enjoys them as much as I do.. They think that spending thousands of dollars just for a handbag is a waste of money.. But not for me! I’d rather spend a lot of dollars rather than buying fakes like them!

    What else? Well.. Everyone in here is friendly, and I learned a lot from them… From my handbag addiction at Chanel Forum, posting some at Louis Vuitton and Dior Forums, they are really friendly there too, even though I’m not a regular poster there. The support that the girls in here are giving for me, especially with what I’m having right now.. Family crisis, Financial crisis, etc. They are really a big help, even though I don’t know if I will have a chance to meet them in person. But if ever I had a chance to meet these wonderful girls in person, why not?

    I’m very proud to take my TPF keychain wherever I go, because I’m very proud to be a part of this community. To be known as iQaganda / Rica in here is a biggie for me, really.

    That’s why I kept on coming back in here everyday! For the support that everyone gives me in here.. From the simple hugs and mwahs to keep me up when I’m feeling down… It really helps me a lot. With the “Shallow Obsessing Strongly Encouraged.” I learned that even though I have a lot of stuffs coming into my life right now, I learned that I should not abandon my obsession but to wait.. Until everything is over! Well.. Again guys, thank you! J