It's mine....yippee!!!

  1. I finally decided what to purchase for my 1,000th post and I got the email from Let-trade -it's offical the Large Looping purse is mine! :yahoo:

    So, now this will be the 3rd purse to my LV collection - small collection, but I only started collecting in November actually, I thought October - but I checked the date of my ELUX purchase [Batginolles Horizontal] on ****** and sure enough it was November....

    Just thought I would share with everyone!!! :jammin:
  2. Congratulations! I hope you will model it for us!
  3. YAY! COngrats and I can't wait to see pics when you get it!
  4. OOO, show us, I didn't see it on the site! CONGRATS!
  5. That's great. Congrats
  6. Congrats..I am so happy for you..also congrats on your first 1k posts..
  7. Thanks, I am pretty excited - now that winter is in full force I don't want to be carry around my BH - since she isn't even a year old and the snow/rain could permanently damage her :mad: the Large Looping will be perfect.

    oh yea, side note....I should take a photo of my BH's leather starting to darken - not really, but it certainly looks like it has a little suntan compared to the leather under the strap - HA! HA!

    Anyway, my Large Looping DC: MI0080 and she was made in France. I can't wait to post photos...great winter bag!!
  8. Congratulations to you and enjoy!:yes:

  9. Yea...I paid for it shortly after they put it up this past Friday. :yes:
  10. [​IMG]

    Here she is.....I'll post new photos when she has arrived to her new destination!!!
  11. The patina on the shoulder strap looks very nice! :smile:
  12. Nice big bag and I love the lack of vachetta on the main piece. :biggrin:
  13. it's cute! I hope u love it even more in person! Congrats!
  14. OOh I was eyeing this and went back and it was already gone, you snatched her up fast! Yay, can't wait to see pics!
  15. congrats!!!