It's me Again... pleeeaase help me decide....

  1. I am so sorry that I am plaguing you all again with MY issues, and I seriously have a few.... :p I have these two really great regular size paddy's; my khaki and my nutmeg, and I really think I am going to part with both of them, unless there is an intervention here! Here is why - I absolutely LOVE the leather, the squishyness, everything except..... I can't commit to using either on a full time basis and it is crazy having these beautiful bags just sitting in their dustbag. Maybe it is just not the right style for me? I know - I hear your gasps all over the world! Does anyone have a suggestion or know of a chloe bag that has the same qualities of leather as the paddy - but is a different style? I never get to see any IRL and photos don't always reflect the leather, something that looks stiff in a photo might be very soft over time. Anyway - I feel like if I have been torn for this long that maybe they BOTH have to go - it shouldn't be this hard, should it? Your thoughts are more than welcome, my greatest concern of course is sellers remorse and that is why this decision is so tough. I will hate myself if I part with either of these rich colors and regret it, and on the other hand, I am not truly enjoying having either of them at the moment because I am so torn. :shame:
  2. May I ask what are your issues with these bags?

    Weight, style?

    I am in the midst of selling most of my b-bags to "invest" in paddys and would like to understand what your concerns are...?:yes:
  3. Have you looked at any of the other styles of paddy? I personally don't love the regular style, but LOVE some of the others--buckle bag, tote, hobo etc....
  4. Beautiful as it is, the Paddy isn't the bag for me, either; so I can relate! :yes:
  5. Paddington doesn't seem to be the right style for you. If it was, you would be using the bags.

    Return them or sell them and put the money toward a style you :heart: and will use.
  6. catcat: I don't want to sound like I am bashing these paddy's but I will tell you what my concern is. First off - I really really love the leather and I have had a few bbags too.... I get compliments everywhere I go when I do carry a paddy, but I probably have the biggest issue with the padlock. I have even thought about ordering something else to hang off of there, but am afraid that it might look tacky with a chloe keytag hanging where the lock should go. I have even taken the lock off and tried to use it that way, but it definitely looks like something is missing. Anyway - I usually end up with the padlock inside the bag because it seems like it flops around less that way when carrying it, but it is so rough and heavy. I have a couple of pairs of really great glasses I carry and I am always afraid the lock is going to break one of them or scratch one of them. The lock looks very good, but I am just not sure that it works for me. I am very casual and when I need a handbag I want to have a killer designer bag but it has to be functional for me too, and I just don't know if that big lock if functional for me. I am trying to choose my words carefully, because I don't want to offend anyone. Secondly, the bag is quite heavy. At first this didn't bother me, and most times it doesn't but I have some serious issues with my shoulders (that have required all sorts of Doctors, x-rays, therapy and all of that) and if I throw it over my shoulder for very long it does get heavy. I have to definitely alternate or carry in my hand, which is not a big deal, but maybe I just don't want to put that much thought into the use of my bag.?
    green_eggs: I will really look at more styles from the other threads, but is there any other style that has the same soft, pebbly leather without the lock? I know ..... kind of defeats the whole point of calling it "paddy"
    But at the same time - I do love the look of the whole bag, including the lock, so I don't know what my problem is! :hysteric: I'm a mess....
  7. I have a fendi selleria bag that has similar pebbly leather. All the paddys have locks though even if you go with a different style....
  8. if it bothers u, just sell/return it and get something u are more comfortable with...;)
  9. I bought the new style paddington hobo and since the lock only attaches to the zipper rings you can completely leave it off without looking like something is missing from the bag. I still receive compliments on my bag because of its killer leather even though only SAs recognize it as Chloe (I like being discreet!)

    The downside is that it is still just as heavy as a regular paddington. You cannot really experience the gorgeous paddington leather without its accompanying weight unless you get a much smaller bag like a mini paddy and then you're back to flipping a lock. And just leaving the lock off isn't going to significantly decrease the bag's weight.

    If the weight really bothers you, you might have to give up on paddingtons entirely. :shrugs: :sad:
  10. thanks everyone - for all your help - I think this is my third thread about this, and maybe I have made my decision. You all have been great! Just wanted to let you know that....
  11. how about a Fendy spy or baby spy - the leather is out of this world gorgeous and they are much lighter weight than a paddy.