It's MAY already - show all your beautiful LV's!

  1. can't wait to see all the new hot stuff
  2. I can't wait to see beautiful new May purchases!
  3. Hello everyone!
    Finally I go the bag I wanted since I was 15 years old

    Say hello to the SpeedyB30 Monogram (in church!)

  4. Wow May already! Time sure flies. Am looking forward to seeing all the new things.
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  5. Awww congrats on your dream bag! So pretty. Bandoulieres are the best! Enjoy this beauty. Happy May :smile:
  6. Yay! That must be a great feeling Enjoy in good health
  7. This is all I have gotten so far
  8. congrats!! beautiful bag
  9. My new Damier Ebene PA (and two lovely perfumes as a thank you gift) just arrived today. Was planning on getting her in fall, but with all the speculation of it being cut from the lineup, better safe than sorry...
  10. Scooped this up in a heartbeat- Speedy B 25 DA

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  11. Wow, it looks brand new! Congratulations on such a cutie!
  12. Thanks!! Not a mark on it, smells brand new, and hundreds below retail!!! I thought it was Christmas lol
  13. What a score!!! Congrats!!:smile:
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  14. Are the chaps puffy? They look kind of flat on your bag; did they change the design?
  15. That's gorgeous! Congrats!
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