It's Mass Wisteria!

  1. Its beautiful purple flowers rarely put in an appearance before June.

    But our unseasonably warm Spring means this sun-loving wisteria is already a riot of colour. Check out our readers' stunning pictures which show we ARE going through a purple patch.

    Exbury Gardens in the New Forest, pictured by Terry Hayter of Fareham, Hants

    Powderham Castle, Devon, photographed by Ingrid Oram of Thorveton, Exeter

    Sandra Cullen's picture of the wisteria at her home in Hedge End, Southampton
  2. [​IMG]
    A wonderful early show at The Old Prebendal House residential and nursing home, Shipton-under-Wychwood, Oxfordshire, sent in by Jan Miller

    The wisteria arch at Pinces Gardens, Exeter, sent in by Crystal Carter

    High Street, Rye, East Sussex, taken by Derek and Daphne Haines of Hanfield, West Sussex
  3. [​IMG] David Nolan sent in this picture of a house in London SW6

    [​IMG] A beautiful display at Richard and Avril Copping's cottage in Harwell, Oxfordshire
  4. SO SO BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you for posting!
  5. Wisteria is all ready pretty much done with where I am--SoVa. I look forward to seeing it every year, it's so beautiful and fragrant! Thanks for the lovely pix!
  6. Those are really pretty.
  7. those are beautiful! hopefully the flowers' arival doesn't indicate that you will have a very warm summer.
  8. Love that smell...especially in candles....I love looking at it too....long live wisteria!!
  9. Wow, those are so pretty! I've never actually seen them before (in real life).
  10. I love love love wisteria! thank you for posting!
  11. awww, those are beautiful.. I never actually saw any Wisteria in real life... hopefully one day tho
  12. Beautiful pics! I don't think I have ever seen Wisteria IRL, either.
  13. it looks so pretty in the one at pinces gardens!
  14. those are insanely beautiful, thanks for sharing! People are so creative with landscaping...

    I'm worried about the weather though.. is the early warm weather due to the greenhouse effect? Scary!
  15. Very pretty, but can anyone say sudafed?! My nose would be so red!