It's LVoe, it's LVoe, it's la la la LVoe! LV first!


balenciaga lover
May 1, 2008
So I did it.

I purchased my FIRST LV yesterday!! It wasn't planned at all. I was planning to get it at a later date, but I just got it yesterday anyway on a whim. It was good though, before the price went up.

So I was deciding between the monogram canvas speedy and the damier, but I went with the Monogram Canvas!! I hope I don't regret not going with the Damier! That's going in my wishlist! I'm so scared of taking care of the handles!

So say hello to McSpeedy! (McDreamyy! hah, I'm a Grey's Anatomy lover)

I'll post up pictures soon hopefullly!!!

I want to get either keychains or a scarf to pretty it up!

The box they gave me to put it in doesn't even fit it. Can I ask for a bigger one? The bag is still smooshed, I'm too scared to touch it. lol

I will be reading the posts on here on how to keep it clean/handle/etcc.

I just want pretty handles.

But if you have any tips, let me know.



drive LV
Jul 9, 2008
Detroit, Michigan
Congrats, I bet by next year you will have much more.LOL Welcome to Lv world!!! Hope you enjoy your bag. Do not worry about handles. People on here know how to clean them up.