its love

  1. i absolutely love heres my if i get put on the waiting list 5 yrs from now then i will be out of school completely and perhaps then have enough money to purchase...haha
  2. Too funny...

    SAVE YOUR MONEY...start to march in there the Fall before graduation...make friends with SAs...AT GRADUATION TIME....BUY YOUR BAG!!!

    The waiting list is ridiculous!!!

  3. Actually, you live in N.C.? They just opened their boutique...I would march in there after the holiday and talk with all the SAs. Let them know who you are and your story. Ask them to keep you in their little book. It just might work! They may remember you as the young lady who came in around opening time and when you graduate they may just offer you a bag. Hey...anything is possible. You only know if you try! Best of luck.