It's 1st reveal

  1. I had always wanted a Large Veneta and I added a New to me Lilac 09 last month well that was not enough and I have now added a brand new Cervo "baseball" Hobo. This is one great bag. I'm so happy. :yahoo:

    also wanna share my Lilac Veneta
  2. Luvvvvvleeee! What divine smooshiness!

    And I completely agree with the "one is not enough." With BV, it's just not possible to only have one!
  3. Like I said... :cool:

    HA! Another convert.

    I like that lilac, too! :heart:
  4. Yes you are part of the reason when I was doing research to make sure I would love it. :graucho:

    smoooshy is wonderful. I agree one is not I'm not even sure 2 is :giggles:
  5. Congrats. You will just love your Cervo Hobo. You won't be able to stop with just one. I have two; I'm waiting for the early fall colors to arrive in June...
  6. I have an empire cervo hobo from last year, and it is one of my favorite "workhorse bags". So lightweight yet holds so much! You'll love it!
  7. Very nice! I agree, one is not enough..very tempting. Is cervo hobo skin pebbled leather? Is it soft like Veneta?
  8. Congrats! This is only of my favorites, love the drape on this bag! Enjoy!
  9. Beautiful BV's!!! They look mint condition too. Enjoy!!!
  10. Double Congratualtions :woohoo:

    Both fabulous bags, I wish you the best to use them
  11. Beautiful choices! And yes, 1 (and even 2) are not enough!
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    I know I have already starting wondering about another Cervo...:graucho: I love it so much I could have slept with it but then my hubby might not like that. It was thanks to you and a few other's that I was sure I wanted a Cervo

    The leather is so thick and chewy and feels very much like an everyday bag

    It is pebbled but after it breaks in I have no doubt it will be as soft as the Veneta at least I think it will. I don't know the Veneta is very soft
  13. Thank too

    The Veneta is in Mint condition I really lucked out wasn't even broken in yet and one light rubbing on one corner smaller then a finger nail and the Cervo is brand new so I get to smell the leather and do all the breaking in I'm so excited

    Thank you I plan on it.

    I feel like I'm on a slippery slope...can't wait to fall. :smile:
  14. yummmmmm!!!
    love the cevo hobo it is great
    and your lilac veneta is beautiful
    carry them both in good health

  15. Thank you so much I really love them and they both serve a purpose. I think the Cervo will be a Great everyday bag and the Veneta is just plain Great. If I hadn't done my research I might never have known about the Cervo and several of you did helped with that. ;)