Its like *MaGiC*

  1. LOL So my friend asked me to clean her AS denaro for her (and then Scotchgard it) cuz it was filthy :yucky: She loves tokidoki but she's not overprotective over it. Plus, she doesnt like to carry bags around so she shoves the denaro in her back pocket (it really fits! :nuts:)

    Anywho, I really put my Tide Pen to the test!! I've used it before on my AS dolce to get little spots here and there but seriously, her denaro wasnt white when she handed it to me!! :wtf: Sooo I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned and puddles of brown spots later, VOILA~!! Like magic, it looked BRAND NEW!! :nuts:

    I've got to say, if you dont already have a Tide pen, GO BUY ONE NOW!! It really is a bag/denaro saver! Believe me, the dirtiness on the denaro wasnt recent! She's been constantly handling and using it for the past.. month or 2..! I would post a before-and-after picture but I forgot to take a picture of the "before" :sweatdrop: So here's the after! (Looks new, doesnt it??)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Sorry, the lighting is kinda bad.
  2. Indeed, it looks new. I used the tide pen on my mom's Amore Mamma Mia and it looked new..but she got it dirty again :sad:
  3. Awww Scotchgard!! :yes: I feel like an advertising commercial LOL
  4. Wow, really cleaned it. That's my perfect AS denaro with Sandy on it.:drool:
  5. wow too bad you didnt take a pic of how it looked before :lol: ...but you convinced me to buy a tide pen! does look like new! mwhahaha!:lol:
  6. Love that denaro..wish I could find one like that!
  7. AMAZING!!

    Great Job!!!:tup:
  8. how does a tide pen look like? lol i dun think we have that in singapore :sad:
  9. I used to have a Tide pen and I carried it with me everywhere but then one day I lent it to someone and the tip broke off :lol: I haven't had a chance to buy a new one yet but it really is great.
  10. The Tide Pen is the Tide to Go Instant Stain Remover?

    If that is it, then on the Tide site, under the reviews people said after using it for a while it has a bad odor resembling vomit. Is that true? :huh:
  11. lol sads_pup ... well from what I remember .. there was some sort of odor. I can't recall if it was like vomit tho but is was a little "chemically"
  12. Cute AS denaro! Yea, I did the same thing to my Playground Denaro (someone else owned it before me) and it worked beautifully :biggrin:
  13. I think it kinda smells like vinegar but really light.
  14. It looks like this. :smile:

    I bought one last week but haven't had the need to use it yet but I carry it around XD
  15. oooo i always have my tide to go pen with my toki's too! works great! even when i spill on my clothes! LOL!!