It's Like Finding Money!!!

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  1. I have been doing some deep early spring cleaning the last few days...and found coach merch. credit cards here and there (some i thought were used up and gave to my 2 daughters to play with) so i think i found a total of 7 of them.... was sitting around this morning and decided to call and find out if they had any balances...
    sure enough a all of them had some credit on them!!! all totaling to over $275!!!:yahoo:
    i can't beleive i would give my kids cards to play with and still have credit on them! LOL

    so i might just go to the outlet today because (like italianhaircolor) i have that feeling that there might be something great there and i don't want to miss out...

    but at the same time there are 2 or 3 FP bags that i want bad enough that i will get at the next PCE...

    anyways, this was like finding money in DH's pants when i do laundry!!! awesome!!!

    has this ever happened to anyone?!?!
  2. 7 wow cool :O)
  3. You lucky, lucky girl. Never happened to me but i do have a $300 credit that is dying to be used. I am trying to wait for the PCE but it is so hard.
  4. I wish I had some cleaning to do!!
  5. I found an $80 Old Navy credit from like 2 years ago... soo not the same!
  6. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!! That is the absolute best stroke of stupid-Coach-luck ever!!! You go and enjoy yourself...this is literally FOUND'd buy at the PCE anyway, so take this chance to spoil yourself for no good reason!!
  7. Never had this happen to me before, but I'd like for it to!
  8. If there were ever a reason to clean, that's sure it! lol-Lucky you!
  9. me = jealous!! *sigh*

    go...spend....enjoy! HAVE FUN!
  10. Ooh. . I am jealous! That is awesome.
  11. This needs to happen to me. Like, now! Can't WAIT to see what you bring home!
  12. OMG
    No, has never happened to me.
    I spend 'em as fast as I get 'em.
  13. thanks guys!
    this kind of thing NEVER happens to me either! i'm more likely to lose store credit than randomly find it!!!
    getting ready to go shopping now!
    i'll post a reveal when i get back.. maybe.. LOL
  14. :yahoo:cool!!!
  15. Sweeeeet.... ♥