It's Like Drinking Down . . .

  1. Since I couldn't get my hands on a Chartreuse or Vert Anis Bolide during the past three days (yeah, a loooooong search), I looked at Loro Piana and Chanel bags. I was carrying my Gold Birkin as I looked through a veritable sea of handbags, and here's what came to mind.

    Just as one drinks "up" in a wine tasting, once you have a taste of the really good stuff you don't go backwards and drink "down."

    How do you reconcile buying non-Hermes after you've gotten a taste of the really good stuff? There's a Lambertson-Truex "knock-around" bag that I just started considering . . .
  2. Three days is a mere nanosecond in time when it comes to getting your dream Hermes bag. Be patient, she will come. Don't settle for less.
  3. I can't do it anymore. I do have 2 Chanel reissues that I will never part with but other than that my collection will be H. I just walk past all other bags now, they hold no appeal what so ever.
  4. ^^^ Ditto.
    It's even gone to accessories, etc. All the small leather goods Hermes offers make the rest of the world look pale and tame. Oh dear! :graucho:
  5. I feel the same way Rose. I am not even tempted.

  6. Me too. I don't even notice non-H bags.
  7. that's wut i am afraid of if i start my first hermes. I still want to taste some chanel b4 i drink up.
  8. I'd love to join the H exclusive club! I can't yet! I am building toward it! Goyard is my standard for now (but, I'm inching toward Hermes w/ scarves!).
  9. I think Loro Piana has some nice bags and they are made from Fjord leather. I have one in raisin with contrast stitching that is called the pocket zipper bag. They do the style every season in different colors. Truthfully, their 35cm is much more user friendly than a 35 cm Birkin.

  10. I agree completely.........but some bags I keep (like my Prada messangers) for overseas trips that I can just beat up and not worry about thieves and the like........
  11. I don't care for any other bags anymore. Not since I started getting to know Hermes. And I'm not even NEAR getting any Hermes yet. Look what you've done!! LOL :nuts:
  12. You've got that right, Kate! I've got Dogon and Bearn wallets and wouldn't think of looking at another brand.
  13. I confess I am seriously tempted by some Longchamp (not the Pliage) bags as work totes.
  14. Dear Ms. Millstream:

    OH, I can TOTALLY relate to your feeling... I was in a CHANEL 'craving' mode for almost 3 month (before the price hike)... Bought a lot but now switch the 'thirst' to H-bags... If I wasn't blacklisted, probably do some BIG DAMAGE to my cc, hmm...

    So, learn from my mistake and take it slow thus you won't be banned from buying 'THE BAG' of your dream!!!

    H boutique are VERY different from Chanel and dept. stores....

  15. me too, LOL, I'm even considering the pencils for £40 (about 80 dollars) which will get sharpened down to nothing...

    Not sure if I'll ever buy another bag that isn't H although I'm glad I still have my knock-about beaten up Mulberry Bayswater, I've sold most of my other bags now but I'll hang onto the Bayswater, it's 35cm and I'm after a 30cm Birkin, so there'll always be room for it...until I can afford a second Birkin in 35cm...